For years, campus and grounds managers have faced the daunting challenge of navigating inefficient and poorly designed landscaping equipment. This is even more frustrating for many electric turf equipment. The promise of sustainable, eco-friendly solutions often ends in disappointment, with electric tools that couldn't deliver the power, performance, or reliability needed to maintain sprawling campuses efficiently. Burned by the limitations of these subpar alternatives, grounds managers were left searching for a breakthrough in the world of electric landscaping.

However, the landscape is evolving, and a new narrative is taking shape, one driven by innovation, quality, and a commitment to propelling the field of landscaping into a sustainable and efficient future. Greenworks® Commercial stands at the forefront of this transformation, rewriting the story of electric landscaping equipment. Our revolutionary approach and dedication to excellence have redefined the industry, providing campus grounds crews and fleet managers with electric solutions that not only meet their expectations but exceed them. With Greenworks® Commercial, sustainable landscaping is no longer a dream but a reality, enabling campuses and grounds to thrive while minimizing the environmental footprint of turf maintenance equipment.


When determining the value of electric landscaping equipment, productivity remains top of mind. Switching to Greenworks® Commercial electric landscaping equipment opens up new possibilities for your crew. 

Our all-electric machines are not only efficient but also quieter, allowing you to improve your operator’s working experience and achieve any noise compliance goals. This means your teams can work extended hours without concerns about excessive noise, resulting in increased daily operations.

Our engineers design every tool to be the ultimate productivity machine for pros. 

82V Lithium-Ion Batteries: These batteries provide power equivalent to a 65 HP gas engine, turbocharging your equipment for faster and more efficient tasks, giving your team the power they need to tackle tasks swiftly.

PowrTraq Smart Drive System™: Our zero turns boast ground speeds of up to 16 MPH and can operate on steep 15° slopes, making it capable of conquering challenging terrains with ease, ensuring that your team can handle even the toughest landscape.

Longest Running ZTR in the Industry: With up to 8 hours of runtime with our 24wh battery optionand the ability to cover up to 21 acres on a single charge, we redefine efficiency in mowing, allowing your team to get more done in a day.

Seamless Maintenance: With 80% fewer moving parts compared to conventional gas-powered equipment, our tools are far easier to maintain, repair, and replace, minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime for your crew.

Integrated App: Our mobile app provides invaluable insight into your landscape contractors' service needs, optimizing maintenance and increasing profitability. Comprehensive IoT connectivity and safety features offer real-time metrics, location data, performance metrics, maintenance schedules, and more, acting as a high-tech command center in your hand. This app enhances your team's efficiency, safety, and service quality.

Powerful Charging Solutions: Greenworks® Commercial offers complete solutions including planning and implementing comprehensive charging solutions in your facility. For mobile crews, our OptimusMC Mobile Power Station secures all-day power without hassle, accommodating three zero-turn mowers and charging up to 18 tools in as little as 30 minutes, offering the ultimate solution for convenience, reliability, compactness, and safety. This ensures your team has the power they need without interruptions.


We offer on-campus demonstrations to give grounds managers a chance to interact with our equipment firsthand.


At Greenworks® Commercial, we design with pros in mind. Our ergonomic designs and other comfort-based features were crafted to minimize the challenges of your grounds crew's daily tasks. Relying on direct feedback from operators and our dealer network, we continuously improve our products to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

Exhaust-Free Operation: Our 100% electric equipment eliminates toxic fumes, ensuring your operators don't go home smelling like gas and covered in a 2-stroke oil blend.

Reduced Noise Pollution: Our turf equipment and handheld tools are engineered to produce minimal noise, allowing your operators to maintain focus during their workday.

Zero Vibration Fatigue: Our tools vibrate less than conventional turf equipment, significantly reducing user fatigue caused by rattling decks and vibrating machinery.

Easy to Maneuver: Our intuitive controls ensure you never have to take your hands off the handles, providing superior agility and responsiveness. Additionally, all of our products are  more lightweight and agile than gas-powered tools, making jobs more efficient with less effort from the operator.

Ergonomic Design: Greenworks® Commercial products are thoughtfully designed to ensure performance and user comfort on any terrain, reducing user fatigue and enhancing the overall experience.



Maintenance and repairs are a huge drain on resources. Greenworks® Commercial helps you gain back wasted time by offering electric equipment with 80% fewer moving parts compared to traditional gas-powered machinery. This reduction in complexity means you'll spend significantly less time and money on repairs and maintenance, providing peace of mind as your equipment remains in working condition for longer periods. This leads to fewer costly interruptions and streamlined workdays for your crews. It’s a win for everyone.


The power of electric first design means creating products that excel on every level. 

At the heart of our electric landscaping equipment is advanced brushless motor technology designed to reduce vibrations and resistance. This technology ensures that your jobs are done with unparalleled precision and comfort, ultimately leading to top-notch results while reducing physical strains associated with conventional mowers.

Moreover, our Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) systems are the most intelligent on the market. They continually manage, read, and respond to user inputs and changing conditions thousands of times per split second, ensuring that your landscaping operations are as productive as possible.

Greenworks® Commercial's smart technology overcomes even the toughest terrain, such as tall, thick, or wet grass. Our 19K Constant Smart Cutting System™ delivers a consistent 19,000FPM blade tip speed by sensing environmental changes and adjusting power accordingly. This reliability reduces breakdowns and ensures more uptime for your landscaping crew, allowing them to complete more work in a day.



A pillar of intelligent power transition planning is selecting the right partner in electric power.  With Greenworks® Commercial, you can expect unmatched productivity, comfort, durability, efficiency, and reliability in your grounds management operations. Experience these benefits for yourself by scheduling a demo or finding a dealer.