At Greenworks® Commercial, we don’t make excuses—we make solutions to electrify your showroom and excite your professional contractors and commercial consumers.

Are you ready for a brand that delivers full-trailer electric commercial mowers, handheld equipment, UTVs, and 50+ other tools?

Greenworks® commercial delivers comprehensive and unparalleled electric turf equipment that transforms your showroom and empowers your landscape professionals.



Our dedication to innovation enables us to deliver a future-proof outdoor power tool arsenal that’s focused on dealers and the businesses you serve.

We build the ultimate productivity machines that deliver value, performance, and comfort to your customers.

We back our commitment to innovation by cultivating the finest dealer support program of any brand. By listening to our dealers and professional contractors, Greenworks® Commercial focuses on revolutionary power, performance, comfort, and value.

At Greenworks® Commercial, we have assembled the most talented team of engineers, designers, and in-field representatives to transform the dealer experience.


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Experience a new era of productivity and efficiency in commercial landscaping. While other brands are debuting electric products at exorbitant prices, Greenworks® Commercial fills your showroom with full-trailer solutions that offer your customers better performance and faster ROI.

Here’s how Greenworks® Commercial saves you time without stretching your budget.

  • More Power, All Day Long Say goodbye to limitations with our cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries and innovative charging solutions. Enjoy uninterrupted power that lasts all day, ensuring your crew can tackle any task with confidence and vigor.
  • Less Vibration, More Precision Our advanced brushless motor technology reduces vibrations, meaning jobs get done with unparalleled precision and comfort.
  • Zero Maintenance Hassles No more oil changes, no more complicated upkeep – operators can focus on getting the job done.
  • More Range, Less Interruption: Our game-changing 82V single batteries provide extended range and ensure quieter operation, letting teams work smoothly in any environment.
  • Less Pollution, More Eco-Friendly: Our equipment emits fewer fumes and reduces noise pollution, making work sites healthier for everyone and the environment.
  • Zero Fuel Costs, Total Savings: Say goodbye to unpredictable fuel expenses. Greenworks® Commercial eliminates variable fuel costs.
  • More Uptime, Less Downtime: Equipment that’s engineered for reliability boosts productivity. Greenworks® Commercial products feature 80% fewer moving parts, translating to minimal repairs and maintenance and more time on the field.
  • Less Stress, Maximum Comfort: Our equipment is designed with ergonomic excellence in mind. Operators feel the difference with comfortable handling and clear operator displays that reduce stress and increase confidence.
  • Zero Leaks, Zero Spills: No more oil leaks, fuel spills, and clogged carburetors. Greenworks® Commercial products provide the durability you need to tackle any job without messy mishaps.


What if you could build a brand from the ground up?

By focusing on our dealer experience, you gain clear advantages beyond customer satisfaction.

Discover how we bring more value and ROI to the table

  • Greater Wholegoods and Parts Support: In an era of inflations and broken supply-chains, dealers need value and predictable inventory and parts networks. We don’t rely on outside vendors for engines, transmissions, spindles, and other conventional parts. With rigorous standards, Greenworks® Commercial makes up to 80% of all components in-house.
  • Superior Design: Dealers, professional landscape contractors, and service technicians struggle with overly complex and inefficient designs.With 80% fewer moving parts, Greenworks® Commercial focuses on performance, durability, and serviceability. Eliminating carburetors, belts, hoses, and crowded powertrains allows your service customers and service department to focus on maintenance and simplified repairs.
  • Superior Electrification: Previous electric equipment designs lacked power and efficiency of gas and diesel.The team at Greenworks® Commercial designed our equipment from end-to-end. We’re proud to be the only company that takes feedback directly from clients in the field and implements it into our product design.



Greenworks® Commercial battery-first design equips your sales team with electric equipment that outperforms all rivals.

We didn’t design the best electric turf equipment. When you team up with Greenworks® Commercial, you have commercial equipment to surpass gas equipment.

  • 82V Lithium Ion provides 65 HP gas equivalent power.
  • 19K Constant Smart Cutting System™ delivers a consistent 19,000FPM blade tip speed by sensing environmental changes and adjusting the power accordingly.
  • PowrTraq Smart Drive System™ features ground speeds up to 16 MPH and its low center of gravity operates at a 25° slope.
  • 24kWh LFP Cell Technology provides all-day power up to 8 hours per charge and a full 21 acres of mowing.
  • 4G GPS Connectivity keeps you and your operators connected to your unit including locations, charge, performance, maintenance schedule, and more.


The #1 Zero Turn and Ultimate Productivity Machine for All-Day-Commercial Use

Riding Zero Turn Mowers and Stand-On Mowers

Ground speeds of up to 16 MPH (12 MPH on Stand-On) from our PowrTraq Smart Drive System™

Up to 8 hours of runtime from built-in 24kWh battery module with safe LFP cell technology (18kWh battery models provide 6 hours of runtime)

Mow up to 21 acres per charge (18kWh models mow up to 16 acres)

Equipped with an advanced 19k Constant Smart Cutting System™ with 48, 52, and 60 IN cutting widths (32 and 36 IN options for Stand-On)

Operates with the equivalent of a 65HP and 1040cc displacement gas engine

Confidently tackle slopes up to 25 degrees

Speedy 3-hour charge time maximizes productivity and usability

4G/GPS Connectivity provides real-time Fleet Monitoring for visibility into usage statistics and maintenance scheduling

Greenshield™ Theft Protection ensures your assets are kept safe



High Powered Performance You Can Count On

Small Off-Road Engines (SORE) eliminate emissions, reduce noise pollution, and power a full work day across your campus, grounds, and facilities.

Equipped with an either a 8kWh or 16kWh max gTRON™ drive system that operates with the equivalent of 22HP and 31HP gas engines

Ground speeds up to 29 MPH

16kWh battery provides up to 75 miles on a single charge (8kWh battery provides up to 65 miles)

Payload Capacity of up to 1000 LBS

1500 lb Hitch Towing Capacity

Tackles slopes of up to 20 degrees



The Most Powerful Battery Operated Backpack Blower in Its Classe

Cyclone-Force Technology generates 690 CFM at 195 MPH from start to finish

Commercial-grade brushless motor delivers more power while decreasing noise and vibration

Blows 25% more leaves that a traditional gas blower

Work up to 2 hours without needing to charge

Performs over 1k hours without needing maintenance



No Maintenance and No Downtime

Intelligent direct drive brushless motor technology delivers 2x more torque than comparable gas mowers

Mow up to 1.5 acres on a single charge

21 and 25 IN’ heavy-duty steel deck provides durability and flexibility

Delivers superior cut quality with premium blade speed and RPM up to 5K

Batteries fully charge in 60 minutes, eliminating unnecessary down time


JOIN THE Greenworks® Commercial REVOLUTION

Our quest to build the best commercial equipment and empower dealers, professional contractors, and all of your customers to seamlessly transition to the future today.



Not only does Greenworks® Commercial design turf equipment and tools to outperform all other electric brands, dealers and landscapers are quickly realizing we deliver the ultimate productivity machines.

Our mission is to build the best commercial equipment that empower dealers, professional contractors, and all of your customers to seamlessly transition to a zero emissions future.

Experience the power of an all in electric solution

  • Superior Control Designed with intuitive controls, so you never have to take your hands off the handles - not to mention better agility and responsiveness.
  • Unparalleled Safety and Comfort Operator safety and comfort are always top of mind at Greenworks, with ergonomic controls for all-day comfort.
  • Lighter and more maneuverable No cumbersome equipment like gas-powered tools.
  • Quiet Design Greenworks tools produce much less noise than gas-powered alternatives, protecting your hearing and complying with community noise regulations.
  • Zero Vibration Fatigue Our tools vibrate 5x less than the competition, so users won’t have to deal with vibration fatigue
  • Zero Fumes Make gas a thing of the past and eliminate the noxious fumes and headaches associated with gas-powered tools


Our charging solutions are tailor-made to integrate into the dealership environment so you can do what you do best—sell.

Learn how to turn preventative maintenance and charging solutions into profit

  • Value: Money talks to landscapers. With a rapid return on investment, you can quickly demonstrate the value of gas-less equipment to your customers.
  • Intelligent charging guides: help overcome range anxiety and demonstrate how crews can stay powered all-day, rapidly recharge, and transport power directly in trailers and battery mounts.
  • Integrated App: Owners and operators gain greater insight into equipment than ever before with our application that monitors location, performance metrics, battery charge, and more.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Gain insight into your landscape contractors service needs to increase your service departments efficiency and optimize customer loyalty. Our app allows you to work with your customers to increase uptime and prevent costly equipment breakdowns.



At Greenworks® Commercial we’ve spent more than 20 years engineering tools and charging solutions for all day performance. Our equipment doesn’t simply chase down gas-powered mowers and handheld equipment; we’re leaving outdated technology in the past. The results speak directly to the pain points of your customers:

  • Most Powerful Mower In Its Class
  • Fastest Mower On Market
  • Best Quality Of Cut. Period.
  • Industry’s Longest Running ZTR
  • Most Intelligently Powered ZTR
  • Best Commercial User Experience

When it comes to showcasing tools to potential buyers, our collateral and in-field experts support you with the guidance and insight you need to close deals.

Our Intelligent Power Transition Planning expertise guides you and your customers through the shift to selling electric tools.

With our superior technology, vertical integration, and commitment to continuous improvement, we’ve created the highest quality and most affordable electric turf equipment on the market.

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