Why Choose Greenworks® Commercial?

For over 20 years, Greenworks® Commercial has been at the forefront of innovation in the landscaping industry. Progress is our main objective, right from the very inception of our business we’ve been pushing the boundaries of what electrified landscaping products can achieve. Constant improvement in motion—that’s Greenworks® Commercial.


The Greenworks® Commercial Difference

At Greenworks® Commercial, we're on a mission to redefine quality. We do more than make landscaping tools; we craft end-to-end solutions that elevate your work. We tirelessly test, explore, and dedicate ourselves to delivering the highest quality electric landscaping solutions. Why? Because we believe you deserve more – more power, more convenience, more affordability, and more efficiency. In short, we want you to do more with more.

Here’s what makes us different: 

Fully Vertically Integrated

Imagine this: 80% or more of the components for our products are created in-house. We're talking about lithium-ion batteries, chargers, motors, controllers, handheld tools, wheeled equipment, and more. 

Continuous Innovation

With a team of 750 R&D engineers spread across three continents, our brain power is off the charts. We're not chasing innovation; we are the innovation.

Constant Influx of New Ideas

We've got over 1000 patents in our arsenal, and we're not stopping there. We're here to write the future.

Quality Is in Our DNA

With 200+ quality engineers on our side and an industry-leading quality control process, perfection is not an ideal, it’s a standard.

Rigorously Tested & Validated by the Pros

In 2021 alone, we clocked a staggering 3,578,400 hours of use testing. We're not just good; we're Pro-approved.

We’re Exploring New Automated Frontiers

Our Swedish Center of Excellence for robotics and autonomous solutions is crafting the future, and it's better than you can imagine.


Future-Proof Solutions for the Evolving Landscaping Industry

With Greenworks® Commercial, your ROI is instant and long-lasting. Say goodbye to the variable costs of fuel and hello to reduced expenses.

The Fastest Mower On the Market

Meet the ZT Mower that's so powerful it could make a rocket blush. Operating with the equivalent power of a 65HP gas engine, it's here to tackle the most demanding jobs with ease.

Maximum Speed for Ultimate Productivity

At a lightning-fast 16MPH maximum cut speed, you'll get the job done faster and with unparalleled quality.

The Most Advanced Cutting System

With our Constant Smart Cutting System™, there are no belts, no pulleys – just pure, intelligent power that tackles the toughest grass conditions while maximizing productivity.

The Best Cut Quality. Period.

With a constant 19K FPM, you'll get a superior quality cut every single time.

Advanced Drive Systems

Our PowrTraq Smart Drive System™ is years ahead of the competition, delivering power, agility, and traction control like no other.

Unmatched Power to Propel Your Productivity

Our Optimus™ battery modules are powerhouses, allowing you to work all day, power through tough conditions, and tackle the trickiest terrains.

Advanced Control Systems

Our CAN bus control system means you'll conquer any terrain with ease, allowing you to get more done in a day.

Industry's Longest Running ZTR

With up to 8 hours of runtime and up to 21 acres of mowing on a single charge, we're setting the standard – but it doesn’t stop there. Our intelligent ZTR systems manage, read, and respond to user inputs and changing conditions thousands of times per split second.

Battery-First Construction

We've designed our equipment for maximum efficiency, empowering you to tackle even sloped environments with confidence.

The Best Commercial User Experience

No fumes, no toxic emissions, no headaches. It's all about pure efficiency, low vibration, and little to no noise.

Digitization for Greater Productivity and Profits

Our IoT-connected devices and digital solutions provide real-time information to maximize productivity and profitability.

Dedicated Partnership

Our dealers are the lifeblood of our brand, helping professional contractors and commercial owners thrive. We provide unmatched support and in-field assistance, ensuring a seamless transition to our all-electric turf management solutions. 

Experience the Future Today With Greenworks® Commercial

Now’s the time to electrify your landscaping fleet. Start your electric journey now, and you’ll never look back.