At Greenworks® Commercial, we empower campus and grounds crews and managers to tackle your landscaping tasks sustainably.

Helping you achieve compliance without sacrificing productivity starts with our comprehensive lineup of electric turf equipment. With dozens of turf equipment solutions designed for the demands and comfort of professionals and backed by expert insight that ensures a seamless transition to battery and electric charging, Greenworks® Commercial delivers more than your average manufacturer.

Our team uses direct feedback from operators and our dealers to deliver the ultimate performance, comfort, and reliability your crew deserves. Electric landscaping is the future, and the future is bright with Greenworks® Commercial.



At Greenworks® Commercial, innovation is ingrained in our DNA. With an unwavering commitment to efficiency and an electric-first mindset, we’ve been pioneers in designing cutting-edge electric equipment since day one. 

Our 82V Lithium-Ion Power, PowrTraq Smart Drive System™, and 24kWh LFP Cell Technology are a testament to our dedication to providing top-tier products that go beyond zero emissions and provide unmatched productivity, comfort, durability, and efficiency.

Here are a few key features designed to elevate your landscaping operations:

Enhanced Longevity

Our 82V lithium-ion batteries and charging solutions eliminate power limitations.

Spend more time tackling landscape work and less time waiting for equipment to recharge.

Simplified Maintenance

No more oil changes or complicated upkeep.

Increased efficiency and reduced downtime for operators.

82V Lithium-Ion Power

Powers over 80+ commercial tools.

With one battery for blowers, trimmers, and all handheld tools, charging is simplified and tools are always available when your crew needs them.

PowrTraq Smart Drive System™

Spend less time replacing and repairing hydrostatic transmissions

With speeds up to 16 MPH for efficient operations and fewer moving parts, our drive system is relentless and durable

Our zero-turn and stand-on mowers outpace gas alternatives.

24kWh LFP Cell Technology

Provides a robust up to 8 hours of all-day power for up to 21 acres of mowing.

Rated up to 2,000 charges, gain years of performance without repairs or replacements.

Electric ZTR Runtime

Longer charge retention and faster recharge for continuous operation.

4G GPS connectivity enhances customer service and reduces emergency repairs.

Constant Smart Cutting System™

Ensures a superior cut quality with a constant 19,000 FPM blade tip speed.

With no belts and spindles, expect less downtime and more time in the turf.



We design with pros in mind—our focus is to provide purposeful electric solutions that work for operators on every level. With Greenworks® Commercial, you can address your crew’s concerns about electric power with ease. 

We also prioritize end-user satisfaction through constant feedback from landscapers and dealers to ensure continuous improvement from end to end. Every innovation is crafted with the end user in mind, ensuring our electric equipment is not only environmentally friendly but also user-friendly, setting new standards in the industry.

Comfort and Ergonomics:

  • Durable, compact, and lightweight equipment designed to enhance operator agility and control.
  • Designed with ergonomic excellence, ensuring comfort and confidence.
  • Minimal vibration to improve operator usability and efficiency.
  • Noise reduction for optimal comfort and reduced dependence on ear protection.

Fume-Free Operation:

  • Operators breathe easier in a cleaner work environment.
  • No more grime and oil covering your crew. 


Greenworks® Commercial is not just a provider of electric landscaping solutions; we are your dedicated partner in making the transition to electric power seamless and hassle-free. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by our customers during the electric transition, we go beyond offering products; we create tailor-made solutions. 

Our commitment to customer support includes comprehensive guidance and personalized assistance at every step of the journey. From understanding the specific needs of your campus to providing training on our state-of-the-art electric equipment, we ensure that embracing electric landscaping power is easy and efficient. 

At Greenworks® Commercial, we stand by our customers, empowering you to usher in a new era of green, efficient, and cost-effective landscaping practices.

Dealer Network: Our dealers work closely with customers to develop intelligent transition strategies that best fit unique campus requirements. Insight from our electric professionals makes the shift not just environmentally responsible but also cost-effective. 

On-Campus Demonstrations: It’s impossible to visualize how landscaping equipment will work on your campus without seeing it first-hand. We want you to experience what our solutions can do for you and showcase our performance vs. all competition. Our on-campus demonstrations allow you to ask questions and allow your operators to engage with the equipment firsthand. We’re here to help you make the most informed decision possible.

Vertically Integrated: As a fully vertically integrated manufacturer, we craft 80% of our components in-house. This allows us to monitor our products for optimal reliability and quality. Additionally, you will never have to worry about supply chain issues or sudden price surges.

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Make the transition from "Why Electric?" to "Now!" and position your campus and grounds as a leading example of sustainable landscaping done right. Greenworks® Commercial is your partner for a compliant, more productive, and cost-effective era of operations.