Optimus MC: Revolutionizing Mobile Fleet Charging

Meet the Optimus MC by Greenworks® Commercial—your rugged and dependable mobile charging station. It can effortlessly accommodate three zero-turn mowers and charge up to 18 tools in just 30 minutes during your lunch break. Never again will you have to wait around for your equipment to power up.


Ultimate All Day Battery Power

At the heart of this innovation is a mighty 20kWh built-in battery that keeps everything in the trailer charged throughout the day.

Your Greenworks® Commercial ride-on mowers and batteries automatically recharge overnight or on the move.

Convenient and Reliable Charging Solutions

With three EV-style chargers, you can juice up three ride-on mowers, whether inside or outside the trailer. Plus, there are 18 temperature-controlled battery ports, each capable of charging handheld batteries at up to 10A, reducing the need for extra handheld batteries by 60% and simplifying your asset management. 

And that's not all—there are four additional 20A 120V AC power outlets. Two-way power flow transforms the Optimus MC into a "Mobile Power Source," allowing you to charge more than just 82V Greenworks® Commercial tools and equipment.

Charging has never been this hassle-free. You can opt for Level 1 or Level 2 EV charging for the entire trailer, simply by plugging into any EV charging station. Want to keep the battery topped up? We've got you covered with 2000W roof-mounted solar panels.


Compact and Intuitive Design

We've designed the Optimus MC with you in mind. 

User-centric, rugged tool racks and an optimized tool layout minimize space usage, allowing the 20' Optimus MC to carry more tools than most 24' trailers. 

It can accommodate over 25 battery-powered tools, 36 handheld batteries, and 3 full-size Greenworks® Commercial ride-on mowers.


Designed With Safety in Mind

We've built in IoT connectivity and safety features that truly stand out. A 4G/GPS connection provides managers with real-time metrics through the Greenworks® Commercial Fleet Connect™ app or the built-in 34" Dashboard.

Worried about theft?

Rest easy with our Green Shield 4G/GPS theft protection, a security system complete with an HD camera and exterior deterrent lights. Plus, we've added smart electronic locks with keyless entry—employee-specific entry codes can be cloud-controlled via the Greenworks® Commercial Fleet Connect™ app

Experience the Future

The Optimus MC isn't just a game-changer; it's a landscape-changer. Say hello to a new era of landscaping efficiency and power with Greenworks® Commercial's Optimus MC—the future of mobile fleet charging.