From tractor designs to zero turn mowers, the landscaping industry is constantly evolving and embracing electric power is the next step forward. 

As campuses and grounds strive to meet sustainability requirements without losing productivity, they need a partner who has been operating with an electric-first mindset since the beginning. Enter: Greenworks® Commercial

We offer the market's most extensive and flexible electric landscaping solution, designed to streamline your operations from end to end. With a diverse lineup of more than 80 electric products and tools, we have everything you need to remove the need for gas power from your fleet. 

Plus, our innovative designs incorporate a single-module battery platform, simplifying the powering, charging, and maintenance processes.

Discover what sets us apart from all the competition, gas and electric alike.


At Greenworks® Commercial, we’ve redefined the standards of performance in the landscaping industry. Productivity is everything to grounds crews and our mowers, UTVs, and turf tools stand out. Greenworks® Commercial innovates for speed, efficiency, and durability, ensuring your crew gets the job done in record time.

Here are the core components of our all in electric solution

Best Quality Of Cut

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every blade revolution. Our cutting-edge 19K Constant Smart Cutting System™ guarantees the highest quality of cut in all conditions. It's not just about speed; it's about precision and perfection.

Eliminating belts, pulleys, and spindles delivers constant blade tip speed even when grass is tall, dense, or conditions are damp.

Most Intelligently Powered ZTR

Experience the future of landscaping with our intelligently powered Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) equipment. The smart technology embedded in our OptimusZ designs maximizes performance while minimizing energy waste. Quieter, more comfortable, and simplified—our electric designs set a new standard for efficiency and ease of use. 

Eliminating combustion engines and mechanical drive systems provides more durability. With zero fuel costs, 80% fewer moving parts, and a battery management system designed for more than 2,000 charging cycles without maintenance, Greenworks® Commercial transforms the cost of ownership.

PowrTraq Smart Drive System™

Our proprietary PowrTraq Smart Drive System™ is a revolutionary advancement in turf navigation, achieving ground speeds of up to 16 MPH for efficient work across expansive areas. What truly sets it apart is its low center of gravity, enabling seamless operation on steep slopes of up to 15°. This feature provides users with unparalleled versatility to effortlessly tackle challenging commercial campuses.



Designed with pros in mind, our features stand out from all other brands. From ease of use to unmatched performance, we ensure that every interaction with our equipment exceeds expectations. Here’s what we offer your people: 

  • No more fuel stains and zero toxic fumes—operators can breathe easy in a cleaner work environment.
  • Durable, compact, and lightweight equipment designed to enhance operator agility and control.
  • Designed with ergonomic excellence, ensuring comfort and confidence.
  • Minimal vibration to improve operator usability and efficiency.
  • Noise reduction for optimal comfort and reduced dependence on ear protection.


In addition to an improved experience for your crews, Greenworks® Commercial’s electric equipment eliminates the headaches associated with gas-powered alternatives. Our superiority to gas comes down to three things: Durability, Value and ROI. Here’s what you have to look forward to.

No Unpredictable Fuel Costs

No more worrying about fluctuating fuel prices or budget surprises. Electrification not only keeps costs stable but also eliminates oil slicks, fuel spills, and foul odors.

Greater Longevity

With 82V single batteries, we provide more range and comprehensive charging solutions for all-day power. Tackle bigger projects without constant recharging or refueling. It's more work done in less time, thanks to the lasting power of Greenworks® Commercial.

Zero Engine Maintenance

From oil changes to belt replacements, gas engines demand constant attention. Our battery-first design eliminates the need for filters, fuel troubleshooting, spindles, and oil changes. With 80% our designs allow your operators to stay focused on the job, instead of wrestling with repairs.


At Greenworks® Commercial, we understand the intricate challenges faced by grounds crews when it comes to maintaining vast commercial campuses. Our commitment to providing intelligent solutions goes beyond just landscaping equipment; it's about empowering you with unprecedented control and insights.


Our integration of IoT connectivity and advanced safety features sets us apart. Through the Greenworks® Commercial Fleet Connect™ app and the built-in 4" cockpit display, your fleet managers have a high-tech command center at your fingertips. With a robust 4G/GPS connection, real-time metrics become your guiding force in managing the landscape equipment fleet effectively.


Knowledge is power, especially in the dynamic world of landscape management. Our 4G connectivity keeps your operators intricately connected to your fleet, providing real-time data on location, charge status, performance metrics, maintenance schedules, and more. It's not just data; it's actionable intelligence for making informed decisions on the go.


Maintenance crews, fleet managers, and operators gain unprecedented insight into equipment performance through our application, monitoring location, performance metrics, battery charge, and more. This real-time visibility allows for proactive decision-making, optimizing operations and preventing potential issues.


Our OptimusMC Mobile Power Station trailer is a game-changer for mobile landscaping crews. Ensuring uninterrupted power throughout the day, it accommodates three zero-turn mowers and charges up to 18 tools. 

With a rapid full charge time of as little as 30 minutes, this solution not only keeps equipment organized and safe but also provides everything your campus landscape team needs to stay powered up all day:

  • Convenient and reliable charging
  • Compact and intuitive design
  • Comprehensive safety and security measures

Learn more about our OptimusMC Mobile Power Station