Are you a commercial landscape equipment dealer seeking a path to innovation, profitability, and sustainability? 

In a rapidly evolving industry, Greenworks® Commercial is founded on battery first design. That means understanding the critical pain points faced by dealers and your customers. 

The result is a full-line of zero-turn mowers, stand-on mowers, walk power mowers, UTVs, and handheld equipment powered by one battery platform. We not only make transitioning to electric landscaping equipment possible but we help our dealers and the customers you serve more profitable than outdated designs and other electric brands. 

With Greenworks Commercial, your dealership has a clear path to the future of commercial electric turf equipment and tools. With our all-in electric solution, we can help you overcome any hurdle today.


1. Supply Chain and Inventory Shortages

In recent years, supply chain disruptions have caused headaches for dealerships worldwide. For conventional brands, dependance on third-party suppliers for engines, hydrostatic transmissions, spindles, electric PTOs and the complex of parts to unify all these systems has contributed to these issues.

At Greenworks® Commercial, we've taken proactive steps to mitigate the challenges associated with supply chain and inventory shortages. We don't rely on external vendors for critical components. Instead by upholding stringent standards and producing up to 80% of all components in-house, dealers can trust in a more secure parts supply chain. 

Our vertical integration ensures that you have consistent access to the vital equipment to keep your showrooms stocked and your customers' needs met

2. Shortage of Skilled Technicians

Beyond vertical integration, our talented engineers are building smarter, less complex equipment. For dealers, finding skilled technicians is a key challenge. With 80% fewer moving parts, our products are not only easier to maintain but also require less technical expertise, enabling your existing team to adapt quickly. 

As a company committed to the long-term success of our dealers, Greenworks® Commercial provides comprehensive training and support to ensure your technicians can confidently service our products. With a focus on educating your team on specialized electric repairs, you can deliver exceptional service to your customers as they transition from fossil fuels to electric and battery technology. 

3. Battery-Resistant Buyers

Many professional landscapers are resistant to electric and battery. Some customers are worried about electric equipment slowing down production and impacting their bottom line. And considering the influx of middling electric products hitting the market, it’s no wonder buyers remain hesitant. But we’re here to change the narrative.

Our 82V batteries provide 65 HP gas equivalent power, giving our tools an impressive 8-hour charge. This powerhouse engineering enables operators to mow up to 21 acres on a single charge. This means crews won't be bothered by constant recharging interruptions, empowering them to fit more lawns into their workday.

But the benefits don't stop there. We offer seamless compatibility across our extensive range of over 50 tools, all powered by a single battery platform. This places us at the forefront of comprehensive and adaptable electric landscaping solutions in the market. No longer will your customers need to manage multiple batteries and chargers for different tools. 

When a tool's power does run out, operators can depend on our accessible charging solutions. The OptimusMC Mobile Charging station provides a full charge  in as little as 30 minutes, nearly eliminating downtime.

With all-day 82V power, seamless compatibility, and powerful charging solutions, our equipment is the most comprehensive and user friendly option out there—posed to satisfy even your most hesitant customers. 

At Greenworks® Commercial, we simplify fleet operation and elevate efficiency to new heights.


4. Loss of Service Revenue

One common concern when transitioning to electric equipment is the perceived loss of service revenue. Greenworks® Commercial will help you reposition your service offerings to maintain profitability while focusing on the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions.

Charging solutions are not just a practical necessity; they can also be a profitable venture for dealers. Greenworks® Commercial goes beyond offering batteries with extended runtimes; we've revolutionized the standard for charging. 

Our array of solutions, including superchargers and mobile charging units, ensures that your customers have access to the power they need swiftly and efficiently. 

By offering these advanced charging solutions to your customers, you not only enhance their user experience but also create an additional profit center within your business. Outfitting trailers and facilities with electric charging solutions is a key to growth and a competitive advantage many dealers still focused solely on gas overlook. 

Turn charging station installation, maintenance, and repair into a profit center, further solidifying your dealership's financial success while catering to the evolving needs of your clientele.


5. Performance Anxiety

Customers worried about how well electric equipment works? Our products go beyond electric industry standards, to outperform gas and electric competitors. Here’s how we do it.

PowrTraq Smart Drive System™

  • Ground speeds up to 16 MPH
  • Operates at a steep 15° slope
  • Versatile for challenging terrains

Longest Running ZTR in the Industry

  • Up to 8 hours of runtime
  • Covers up to 21 acres on a single charge
  • Intelligent systems that manage, read, and respond to changing conditions

Integrated App

  • 4G/GPS connectivity
  • Real-time metrics through the Fleet Connect™ app
  • Location, charge status, performance metrics, maintenance schedules, and more

No Unpredictable Fuel Costs

  • Predictable bottom line for customers
  • Simplified equipment maintenance with 80% fewer moving parts
  • Eliminates oil slicks, fuel spills, and foul odors

Greater Longevity

  • 82V single batteries for tackling bigger projects without frequent recharging
  • More work gets done in less time

Zero Engine Maintenance

  • No oil swaps, belt changes, or fuel issues
  • Fewer breakdowns, more working hours

Operator Comfort

  • Lightweight and quiet electric equipment
  • Reduced strain and boosted productivity
  • No more deafening roars, no more choking on fumes, and definitely no more fuel stains