In a rapidly evolving market where environmental consciousness and sustainability are paramount, delivering your buyers an option for electrified commercial landscaping equipment is not merely a strategic move—it's a powerful, forward-thinking transformation.

As a commercial landscaping dealer, the path to greater success and profitability lies in embracing cutting-edge electric solutions offered by Greenworks® Commercial and backed by hundreds of engineers, designers, and a team fully committed to revolutionizing commercial landscaping tools.

Are you ready to electrify your showroom? 

Here's why entering this dynamic market is the key to unlocking a future of growth and prosperity for dealers and professional commercial landscapers alike:


With other brands, range anxiety and performance is a valid concern for commercial landscapers considering the shift to electrified equipment. 

Greenworks® Commercial 's innovative product line comprehensively addresses these worries, delivering your sales staff the definitive choice for commercial landscapers seeking to electrify their fleet.

Here’s how Greenworks® Commercial  products outshine gas and electric competitors:

All Day Power: Greenworks® Commercial  boasts cutting-edge 82V lithium-ion batteries and innovative charging solutions that put an end to concerns about power limitations. With uninterrupted power that lasts all day, crews can approach any landscaping task with unwavering confidence and vigor.

Quality Precision and Control: Thanks to advanced brushless motor technology, Greenworks® Commercial equipment is designed to reduce vibrations. This means jobs get done with unparalleled precision and comfort, allowing professional landscapers to deliver top-notch results.

Zero Maintenance Hassles: One of the most anxiety-inducing aspects of gas-powered equipment is the demanding maintenance regimen. With Greenworks® Commercial, there are no more oil changes or complicated upkeep procedures. Operators can focus solely on the task at hand, resulting in efficiency and reduced downtime.

Go Farther, For Longer: Greenworks® Commercial 's 82V single batteries provide an extended range and ensure quieter operation. This feature allows teams to work smoothly in any environment without the frustration, and costly downtime, associated with frequent interruptions.

Less Pollution, Zero Fuel Costs: By emitting fewer fumes and reducing noise pollution, Greenworks® Commercial 's equipment not only makes work sites healthier for everyone but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability. As an added bonus, Greenworks® Commercial products completely eliminate variable fuel costs, providing your clients with a stable and cost-effective alternative that boosts their bottom line.These features make the transition to electrified equipment an eco-friendly and profitable choice.

Fewer Interruptions, Greater Profits: The reliability and efficiency of our equipment ensure that landscaping crews remain productive, unburdened by the costly interruptions associated with traditional gas-powered machinery.


Electric landscaping equipment redefines the game when it comes to excessive repairs and poor performance. 

Conventional gas-powered machinery relies on antiquated designs driven by belts, pulleys, and spindles. Equipment breakdowns threaten your relationship with professional landscapers and key accounts can be lost because of a poor design and manufacturing by conventional brands.

Our electric equipment is the epitome of simplicity and customer-focused design. With fewer moving parts and minimal wear and tear, Greenworks® Commercial products stand as pillars of reliability. 

As a dealer, this translates into fewer service calls, elevated customer satisfaction, and a reputation as a leader who can guide your clients through a seamless transition to a zero emissions fleet.

Spend less time focusing on replacing bearings, broken belts, and leaking hydraulic systems. Embrace a future where your technicians help customers with more profitable planned maintenance. 


The electrified revolution brings the promise of eliminating the hurdle of fuel costs for your buyers. Converting to electric commercial equipment eliminates unpredictable costs of gasoline, diesel, and oil.

This equates to remarkable savings for your customers with rapid return on investment. By offering electric landscaping equipment, you empower your clients with a more economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly choice.

Greenworks® Commercial helps you deliver tangible results to your professional landscape contractors almost immediately.  


Governments and consumers alike are championing green and sustainable practices. In many areas, the landscaping industry is under heightened scrutiny due to its environmental footprint. 

Traditional gas-powered equipment is no longer the go-to standard. Embracing electric landscaping solutions not only meets evolving green standards but also propels you ahead in the market. 


When you compare conventional mowers and the noise of 2-stroke handheld equipment to Greenworks® Commercial electric commercial landscaping equipment, the difference is profound.

Traditional gas-powered machinery is notorious for its loud operation, making it a nuisance to communities and inviting noise-related grievances. As more noise ordinances and regulations are enacted, the need for quieter operation becomes even greater. 

Our team doesn’t build for HOAs. We design with pros in mind.

Electric machinery delivers operators a better workday with vastly reduced noise, vibration, and zero emissions. Enhancing the work environment for operators and their clients is a key distinction for your dealership. 

As a dealer, you possess a potent selling point, whether your pros want to go electric they are navigating new noise-reduction demands. When you partner with Greenworks® Commercial, you deliver results your buyers can feel.


Greenworks® Commercial products deliver tangible and comprehensive solutions for commercial landscapers who are grappling with logistics and cost concerns while contemplating the transition to electrified equipment. 

As a dealer, presenting these advantages to your clients is not only straightforward but also sets you on the path to becoming the go-to supplier for forward-thinking, high-performing, and eco-conscious commercial landscapers. 

Embrace Greenworks® Commercial today and lead the electrified revolution in landscaping.


What do you want from a manufacturer? Consider every complaint, frustration, and request you have offered your existing brands and discover a brand built for dealers!

We take pride in listening to our dealers, professional contractors, and other operators in the field. In the electrified landscaping solutions landscape, Greenworks® Commercial stands as the beacon of innovation and empowerment. Your partnership with us not only unlocks endless opportunities for your showroom but also positions you as a trailblazer in a rapidly changing industry. 

Greater Wholegoods and Parts Support

To combat pervasive supply chain challenges, Greenworks® Commercial offers unrivaled value and predictability. We take control of our manufacturing process, producing up to 80% of all components in-house. We don’t rely on external vendors for engines, transmissions, spindles, and other parts that delay production and impact your selling season.

Revolutionary Design to Benefit Everyone

In every product, Greenworks® Commercial addresses the pain points of dealers, professional landscape contractors, and your service technicians. 

Our equipment features 80% fewer moving parts, focusing on performance, durability, and serviceability. 

Say goodbye to carburetors, belts, hoses, and intricate powertrains, allowing your service department to streamline maintenance and focus on repairs that generate profitable revenue.

Seamless Electrification

Unlike most turf equipment manufacturers, Greenworks® Commercial has engineered equipment from end to end. With a battery first design, the poor engineering and performance restraints of outdated brands is eliminated. 

We aren’t redesigning mowers to run on batteries; we design and engineer electric products that deliver unprecedented power and efficiency.

Dealer Collaboration

We measure our success through your growth!

Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond product design. We've crafted a dealer program that positions you for immediate and long-term success. We rely on grassroots feedback from dealers and your customers to drive equipment enhancements and new product development.

Sales-Forward Collateral and Support

Empower your showroom to lead the electric equipment revolution with Greenworks® Commercial. 

Provide effortless customer value demonstrations, performance showcases, and lasting benefits promotion with the help of our dedicated team. Our field experts offer demos, inquiries, and tailored solutions to fuel your sales expansion.

Showroom Transition Solutions

Transform battery and electric equipment into a new profit center with our array of transition strategies for landscapers. This includes full trailer charging solutions, on-site charging infrastructure, integrated apps, ROI calculators, and a wealth of educational resources.

Instead of competing with backyard mechanics for oil changes and carburetor rebuilds, your dealership can become a powerful resource for professionals ready for a more profitable and productive business model.