The brands you choose for your showroom set your dealership apart from the competition.

Ready to make every landscaper and property manager take notice of your business? 

Greenworks® Commercial engineers tools and charging solutions to deliver unparalleled, all-day performance. We don't settle for simply keeping up with the competition; we're leaving outdated technology in the rearview mirror. The superior quality of our equipment stands out in several ways, benefiting both dealers and your customers.

With the most comprehensive and adaptable electric landscaping solution on the market, you can simplify your inventory management and selling process. Deliver a lasting impact to your professional contractors with a line up of over 80 products and tools. Greenworks® Commercial designs with a single battery platform to streamline powering, charging, and your selling process.

Nothing matters without exceptional performance. Learn how Greenworks® Commercial’s battery first design delivers the future of outdoor power equipment today.


From precision mowing, trimming, and debris removal to heavy-duty tasks, our turf equipment and tools offer the range and power needed to tackle any challenge. Whether it's suburban lawns, an expansive corporate campus, or municipal grounds, we have the perfect solution for every property.

The results of our commitment to excellence are evident in the benefits that convert even the most dubious professional contractors:

  • Most Powerful and Fastest Mower In Its Class: Our mowers are built to outperform all rivals, ensuring your customers get the job done quickly and efficiently. Speed is of the essence in the landscaping business, and our mowers are designed to be the fastest on the market, getting the job done in record time.
  • Best Quality Of Cut: With durable blade technology and a 19K Constant Smart Cutting System™ that delivers a consistent 19,000FPM blade tip speed, Greenworks® Commercial equipment guarantees the highest quality of cut.
  • Most Intelligently Powered ZTR: The smart technology embedded in our equipment maximizes performance and minimizes energy waste. Operators take immediate notice of how much quieter, more comfortable, and simplified our electric designs are.
  • Best Commercial User Experience: Our equipment provides a user experience that is second to none, making it easy for dealers to sell and customers to use. Designed with the professional contractor in mind, our features stand out from all other brands.

On every front, Greenworks® Commercial stands out as the superior choice for electric landscaping equipment. With our cutting-edge technology, commitment to continuous improvement, and dedication to the highest quality and affordability, we make it easy for dealer partners to offer their customers a premiere commercial turf equipment experience that exceeds all expectations.


If performance doesn’t convert buyers reluctant to give up gasoline and electric equipment, then higher profits, fewer repairs, and lasting durability will capture their attention.

When it comes to the showdown between Greenworks® Commercial's electric turf equipment and outdated gas-powered machines, there's no contest. Our electric gear laps traditional gas models with a slew of game-changing advantages that aren't just user-friendly but also make selling a cinch for our dealer partners and your sales staff.

  • Less Hassle: Our equipment has 80% fewer moving parts than conventional designs. Our all- electric designs let your customers stay focused on the job, not wrestling with repairs.
  • No Unpredictable Fuel Costs: Commercial landscapers won't have to worry about fluctuating fuel prices or budget surprises. Our battery-powered equipment means a predictable bottom line for your customers. Electrification also eliminates oil slicks, fuel spills, and foul odors—keeping both operators and machines cleaner and quieter.
  • Greater Longevity: With 82V single batteries, we give your customers more range, so they can tackle bigger projects without the constant need to recharge or refuel. That means more work gets done in less time.
  • Zero Engine Maintenance: Gas engines demand constant pampering, from oil swaps to belt changes. But with our battery-first design, we wipe out filters, fuel issues, broken belts, and oil changes. More working hours, less wrench-turning.
  • Operator Comfort: Traditional gas gear? It's heavy, noisy, and a handful to maneuver. Our electric equipment is designed with operator ease in mind. No more deafening roars, no more choking on fumes, and definitely no more fuel stains. Your customers will thank you for the reduced strain and boosted productivity our gear delivers.

Greenworks® Commercial's future-forward electrified equipment leaves gas in the past. With lower maintenance needs, predictable costs, and user-friendly design that puts the operator first, our gear doesn't just make life easier for your customers—it makes selling a walk in the park for dealer partners.



Remember the revolution from tractor designs to zero turn mowers?

That’s the same transformation our team of hundreds of engineers, designers, and dealers are experiencing everyday at Greenworks® Commercial.

Let's delve into the technical prowess and game-changing features that make Greenworks® Commercial's electric landscaping equipment a powerhouse in the industry.

82V Lithium-Ion Batteries

Our 82V Lithium-Ion batteries aren't just power sources; they're productivity boosters. They provide a staggering 65 HP gas equivalent power that turbocharges your equipment, enabling your customers to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. 

PowrTraq Smart Drive System™

We don’t settle for third party transmission suppliers either. Our PowrTraq Smart Drive System™ is a game-changer when it comes to navigating any turf. It offers ground speeds of up to 16 MPH, making swift work of even the most extensive areas. But here's where it gets really impressive: its low center of gravity allows it to operate at a steep 15° slope, giving users the versatility to tackle challenging terrains with ease.

Longest Running ZTR in the Industry

With up to 8 hours of runtime and the ability to cover up to 21 acres on a single charge, we're not just setting the standard; we're redefining it. But that's not all. Our intelligent ZTR systems don't just run, they think. They manage, read, and respond to user inputs and changing conditions thousands of times per split second. It's the future of efficient mowing.

Integrated App

We've built in IoT connectivity and safety features that truly stand out. A 4G/GPS connection provides managers with real-time metrics through the Greenworks® Commercial Fleet Connect™ app or the built-in 34" Dashboard. In the world of landscape equipment, knowledge is power. 4G connectivity keeps users connected to their fleet like never before. Users have real-time data on location, charge status, performance metrics, maintenance schedules, and more. It's like having a high-tech command center in the palm of your hand.

Worried about theft? Rest easy with our Green Shield 4G/GPS theft protection, a security system complete with an HD camera and exterior deterrent lights. Plus, we've added smart electronic locks with keyless entry—employee-specific entry codes can be cloud-controlled via the Greenworks® Commercial Fleet Connect™app.

Owners and operators gain greater insight into equipment than ever before with our application that monitors location, performance metrics, battery charge, and more. 

Discover The Power Of Our App

Seamless Equipment Maintenance

Knowledge is the key to optimization. With our app, you gain invaluable insight into your landscape contractors' service needs. This isn't just about maintenance; it's about turning it into profit. By working with your customers, you can increase equipment uptime and prevent costly breakdowns. That's the kind of service that builds customer loyalty and keeps your business thriving.

Turn Maintenance Into Profits: Become a dealer

Intelligent Power Transition Planning 

To make selling our products a breeze, we provide comprehensive support, including collateral materials and in-field experts to guide dealers in showcasing the advantages of Greenworks® Commercial equipment to potential buyers. Our Intelligent Power Transition Planning expertise is also available to assist dealers and customers in transitioning to selling and using electric tools with ease.

Lucrative and Powerful Charging Solutions

Our OptimusMC Mobile Power Station trailer ensures that landscaping crews stay powered up all day long without hassle. It accommodates three zero-turn mowers and charges up to 18 tools in as little as 30 minutes while keeping all equipment organized and safe. This solution is a powerful profit center for Greenworks® Commercial dealers and offers significant advantages to your clients, including: 

  • Ultimate all day battery power
  • Convenient and reliable charging 
  • Compact and intuitive design
  • Comprehensive safety and security measures

Learn more about our OptimusMC Mobile Power Station