There are clear advantages to converting your turf equipment to electric. While many manufacturers are talking about sustainable practices, governments and municipal turf management professionals are seeking solutions today. 

Greenworks® Commercial delivers on the promise to evolve from outdated combustion engines to cutting-edge electric zero turns, UTVs and handheld equipment. Don’t simply settle for reducing the carbon footprint of your fleet. Join the revolution to smarter and more agile turf equipment with uncompromising power and performance.

With Greenworks® Commercial, you gain a partner focused exclusively on maximizing performance, durability and operator comfort. From day one, we have been unapologetically electric first in every design. 

Ready to experience a manufacturer focused on innovation and customer focused solutions?



Converting a fleet from gas to electric power takes more than effective planning and support—you need efficient, durable, powerful, and user-friendly equipment to carry you through.

All of our products, all powered by a single commercial-grade 82V technology, provide the power and efficiency required for a seamless transition. Operators can enjoy a full 8-hour charge, making it easy to work a full day without disruptions. With the ability to cover up to 21 acres on a single charge from our zero turn and stand on mowers, your team's productivity accelerates. 

Additionally, Greenworks® Commercial offers the fast charging tools needed in today’s market, ensuring your equipment is ready for action whenever you need it. Our 82V commercial platform features interchangeable lithium-ion batteries, making it easy to deploy sustainable power across your entire fleet.



Reconfiguring maintenance and repair infrastructure is likely top of mind as you discuss transitioning from fossil fuels to electric. Greenworks® Commercial's turf equipment is designed for reliability and minimal maintenance. 

Our engineers and designers are not retrofitting outdated machines. Our electric first design features 80% fewer moving parts compared to conventional mowers. You can say goodbye to the persistent maintenance and repair needs that often plague gas-powered equipment. No broken belts, clogged carburetors, rattling bearings, or oil leaks mean fewer headaches for your maintenance team. 

Our products are engineered and rigorously tested by a dedicated team committed to revolutionizing turf equipment. Moreover, our 4G-connected app allows you to efficiently manage your fleet, analyze performance, and receive proactive maintenance notifications. This level of connectivity and remote access helps protect your investments and ensures that your fleet is always in top working condition.


Resistance to change is understandably common among operators when transitioning to electric equipment. The switch from the hammer and chisel to the steam engine was famously met with cynicism. Modern operators have been burned in the past with underpowered or poorly designed tools. 

Let our team prove the future is now! Greenworks® Commercial acknowledges this challenge and provides a compelling solution. Our products are designed with the end user in mind, incorporating valuable input from industry professionals. 

Our commitment to being "Pro-approved" means that you can trust the quality and reliability of our equipment.

Operators can be assured of several advantages when using Greenworks® Commercial equipment:

  • Zero Vibration Fatigue: With tools that vibrate 5 times less than conventional turf equipment, users experience significantly less fatigue, improving overall operator comfort.
  • Superior Control: Intuitive controls ensure operators can maintain their focus without needing to take their hands off the handles, providing superior agility and responsiveness.
  • Lightweight and Agile Equipment: Greenworks® Commercial's equipment is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making jobs more efficient and requiring less physical effort.
  • Ergonomic Design: Products are thoughtfully designed to ensure performance and user comfort on any terrain, further reducing operator fatigue and elevating the overall working experience.
  • No Fumes: 100% electric equipment means no exposure to toxic fumes or the discomfort of smelling like gas and 2-stroke oil.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution: Greenworks® Commercial's equipment is engineered for minimal noise, allowing operators to maintain focus during their workday without the distraction of loud engines.

Greenworks® Commercial's commitment to electric first design and innovation not only supports a sustainable future but also addresses the practical concerns of landscape management professionals in the government sector. Our solutions are built to empower your team while making the transition to electric equipment as smooth as possible.


Greenworks® Commercial actively nurtures a growing dealer network. The importance of strong dealer support when transitioning to electric equipment is key to your success. Your team is bound to face complex challenges and you need experts in the field who will listen to your pain and effectively navigate this new frontier. 

Our national dealer network is a testament to our commitment to helping government landscape management professionals navigate the challenges of electrification. 

By partnering with Greenworks® Commercial, you gain access to a network that offers maintenance support, invaluable product knowledge, and industry insights. This support is crucial for creating custom fleet solutions that cater to your specific needs. 

Whether you're looking for information on maintenance or seeking advice on which products to choose, Greenworks® Commercial's dealer network is there to assist every step of the way.