At Greenworks® Commercial, we are dedicated to creating products that precisely align with the distinct needs of government property managers and municipal landscaping crews. Our electrified equipment merges functionality and usability with compliance as we proactively address the ever-evolving standards and emissions regulations. 

At the core of our mission, we empower organizations to smoothly transition to battery and electric commercial landscaping equipment. 

With Greenworks® Commercial you can execute your landscaping duties sustainably to achieve visionary goals, all while exceeding the performance, comfort, and reliability your operators need. 


Great commercial landscaping equipment including zero turn mowers, handheld equipment,  and UTVs increase productivity and performance. 

At Greenworks® Commercial, our unwavering commitment to designing and building better tools is a cornerstone of our brand. We understand that time is a finite resource, especially when servicing expansive municipal and government campuses. To set your landscaping crew up for success, we provide the high-efficiency tools needed to maximize efficiency and performance, so more work can get done in a day.

Here is what makes our products the ultimate Productivity Machines. 

All Day Performance: Our electric commercial equipment is meticulously designed to provide maximum power throughout an entire workday on a single charge. Cover up to 21 acres per charge with our mowers and our innovative charging solutions, powering grounds teams from dawn past dusk.

Simplified Maintenance: Greenworks® Commercial revolutionizes your equipment with 80% fewer moving parts, ensuring in-field reliability. No belts, no oil changes—no compromises. Experience unmatched performance with peace of mind.

Exceptional Value: By eliminating fuel costs and reducing preventive maintenance expenses, Greenworks® Commercial offers remarkable ROI. Our vertical integration drives down costs, lightening the load on your budget.


Designing the best commercial outdoor power equipment requires listening to the end users. Greenworks® Commercial takes pride in engaging with our customers to create better designs. Some of the key features that help us power past competitors include:

  • The Constant Smart Cutting System™ ensures a consistent 19,000FPM blade tip speed, delivering superior cut quality.
  • Enjoy intuitive controls for uninterrupted handling, agile maneuverability, and rapid response across all terrains and conditions.
  • Experience 5x less vibration, enhancing usability, operator safety, and efficiency.
  • Enjoy fume-free operation for an unparalleled level of comfort across all products.
  • The 82V Lithium-Ion battery delivers a staggering 65 HP gas equivalent power to excel beyond your expectations.
  • The PowrTraq Smart Drive System™ powers across turf with speeds up to 16 MPH and with a low center of gravity, tackling hills and slopes up to 25°.


Ease of use, comfort, and safety directly impacts productivity and overall job satisfaction. 

Deliver better comfort and reduce operator fatigue with our ergonomic platforms and other key features that quickly minimizes the unpleasant aspects of your grounds crew’s workday. 

How do we demonstrate Greenworks® Commercial’s commitment to operators?

No Fumes: Our equipment is 100% electric, meaning your operators don’t need to breathe in toxic fumes or go home smelling like gas and covered in 2-stroke oil blend. 

Reduced Noise Pollution: Greenworks® Commercial's turf equipment and handheld tools are engineered to produce minimal noise, allowing your operators to maintain focus during their workday.

Zero Vibration Fatigue: Our tools vibrate 5x less than conventional turf equipment, drastically reducing user fatigue stemming from rattling decks and vibrating machinery.

Superior Control: Our intuitive controls ensure you never have to take your hands off the handles, providing superior agility and responsiveness.

Lightweight and Agile: With no cumbersome handheld equipment like gas-powered tools, jobs can be completed more efficiently with less effort.

Ergonomic Design: Greenworks® Commercial products are thoughtfully designed to maintain performance and user comfort on any terrain, reducing user fatigue and elevating the overall experience.


We understand that your crew depends on their equipment to withstand the rigors of any job.

Durability is more than just a feature; it's a core value at Greenworks® Commercial. With decades of innovation under our belt, our track record of creating robust products is unmatched.

Quality Materials: Any landscaping tool should be able to withstand a beating. Our products are made from the highest quality materials and are designed with your serviceability experience in mind, allowing easy replacements for highly wearable parts. 

Engineered to Perfection: Backed by 200+ quality engineers and an industry-leading quality control process, Greenworks® Commercial ensures that only the most durable and comprehensive products make it off the production floor and into your fleet.


Greenworks® Commercial's dedication to efficiency isn't just about saving time; it's about revolutionizing the way your landscaping crew operates. We’re here to ensure your operators work smarter, not harder all while reducing emissions and fulfilling sustainability objectives.

Intelligent Power System: Manage your operations, maintenance, and charging in a completely new way. Our centralized Commercial Fleet App manages and processes thousands of inputs from batteries, brushless motors, and users, guaranteeing precision and responsiveness. This intelligent and comprehensive solution revolutionizes the way you manage operations, maintenance, and charging. 

Maximized Power, Minimized Waste: Say goodbye to persistent repairs and perpetual maintenance of conventional mowers. With 80% fewer moving parts, Greenworks® Commercial provides maximum power in all conditions while optimizing energy efficiency for extended runtime and an unmatched operator experience.

Connected and Empowered: Gain insights into your equipment.Fueled by proven 4G connectivity, Greenworks® Commercial products empower facility managers and operating personnel with unparalleled insights. Our Commercial Fleet App changes the game, revolutionizing how you manage operations, maintenance, and charging. Streamlined efficiency, affordable pricing, fast charge times, and industry-leading mower ground speed.

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In addition to our cutting-edge technology and the support of our dedicated engineers and staff, we actively seek direct feedback from users to continually enhance our products and innovate new solutions. As we continue to innovate, we rely on boots-on-the-ground input from your crews, our dealers, and other professionals to drive equipment improvements and new developments.