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Optimow® 66 Robotic Lawn Mower

Optimow® 66 Robotic Lawn Mower

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  1. Smart Design: 24V Robotic Mower perfectly mows 2/3 acre then automatically returns to its charging base
  2. Perfect Lawns When You Want Them: Optimow®66 cutting edge technology features anti-collision sensors, GPS tracking and a programmable cutting schedule for worry-free lawn care
  3. Intelligent power™: All electric design includes brushless wheel and blade motors
    1. Cutting System: 3 Pivoting Razor Blades
    2. Cutting Width: 8.7"
    3. All Terrain Wheels Can Handle 19° Slopes
  4. Coverage: Designed for up to 2/3 acre mowing area
  5. Automatic Recharging: Optimow®66 will automatically return to its charging base and take only 70 minutes to recharge
  6. No Maintenance, No Downtime, No Noise: Zero gas smell. Zero pull cords. Zero maintenance. Zero pollution breathed. Zero time wasted.
  7. Quick and Easy Height Adjustments: Cutting Heights: 0.8"-2.4"

Durability: IPX5 water resistant rating, active collision sensors and 4G wireless GPS keeps your lawn perfect and Optimow®66 protected.

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Convenient Power

Operating day and night, the Optimow Robotic Mower reduces the need for chemicals by nourishing the grass through micro-mulching, promoting a healthier and stronger yard. With advanced mowing patterns and customizable settings, Optimow®66 ensures comprehensive coverage for virtually any yard. The robot mower follows multiple guidewires and automatically recharges, requiring minimal maintenance—no gas or oil, just blade replacements. With four models tailored to popular North American grass breeds, Optimow®66 guarantees a perfect cut based on your custom schedule.


Smart Design

The Optimow®66 electric robotic mower design offers continuous lawn maintenance, diminishing the reliance on chemicals by nourishing the grass through micro-mulching. Optimow®66 contributes to reduced crabgrass, promoting a healthier and stronger yard due to consistent maintenance. Its advanced mowing pattern guarantees coverage for all areas of the yard. Equipped with multiple guidewires and customizable settings, Optimow®66 proves versatile in maintaining virtually any yard.

Perfect Lawns When You Want Them

Customize your mower’s schedule and predefined perimeter, then witness the Optimow®66 effortlessly tackle your lawn care tasks. Whether it's daily or twice a week, this companion adapts to your lifestyle and schedule seamlessly, regardless of weather conditions.

Quick and Easy Height Adjustments

The Optimow®66 seamlessly adjusts mowing height between 0.8" and 2.4". Key features include: 4G wireless GPS, all-terrain wheels, and IPX5 water resistance.


Engineered with three pivoting razor blades for exceptional cutting across all North American grass types, this design ensures durability. The built-in active collision sensor enhances safety, guaranteeing consistent high-quality performance with each use.


Robotic mower lineup

MODEL 33 33H 66 66H
Voltage 24V 24V 24V 24V
Mowing Area Up to 1/3 Acre Up to 1/3 Acre Up to 2/3 Acre Up to 2/3 Acre
Lot Size 1/2 Acre 1/2 Acre 1 Acre 1 Acre
GPS Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brushless Motors Yes Yes Yes Yes
IPX5 Waterproof Hose Washable Hose Washable Hose Washable Hose Washable
Cutting Heights 08" - 24" 23" - 4" 08" - 24" 23" - 4"


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