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Optimus 82V 24" Hedge Trimmer with (1) 2.5Ah Battery and Dual-Port Charger

Optimus 82V 24" Hedge Trimmer with (1) 2.5Ah Battery and Dual-Port Charger

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  • 24” Replaceable Steel Blades: heat-treated, laser cut stainless steel blades provide sharp and efficient cut performance for longer
  • Features Quik-Cut which is patented technology generating consistent cutting up to 5000 strokes per minute or SPM.
  • With 2 speed settings for a greater variety of applications and a unique reverse function allows for a quick and easy way to get out of a jam 
  • Optimized ergonomic design features a rotating 180 degree rear handle for increased comfort. 
  • Simplify maintenance: lubricate gearbox and replace blades when needed. No more, no less.
  • Certified with IPX5 weather resistance for product longevity. 
  • Includes (1) 2.5Ah Battery and Dual Port Charger
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Optimus 24”​ Hedge Trimmer

The Greenworks Commercial HT241 commercial grade hedge trimmer is lightweight, compact but with extreme power equivalent to a 27cc gas engine. This hedge trimmer comes configured with a 2 speed setting delivering cut speeds up to 5000 strokes per minute. This cut speed can be achieved and maintained thanks to our patented Quik-Cut™ technology. This unit also offers and anti-jam function which operates the unit in reverse to clear it from any tangling debris. 

Lightweight, weighing in at only 7.9lbs tool only and 11.1lbs with the recommended 2.5ah battery inserted, this unit offers comfortable performance all day long. The rear handle rotates up to 180 degrees for more comfortable and ergonomic positions  The 2.5ah battery provides up to 140 min of run time depending on application and recharges in as little as 30 min to allow for continuous operation without downtime. 

Forget expensive mixed gas and frequent maintenance work as this unit only requires a charged battery, some gearbox lubrication and blade replacement.


Patented Durable Cutting System

Quik-Cut™ is the Greenworks Commercial patented cutting system  designed for professional-grade performance. This hedge trimmer features a commercial-grade brushless motor and a lightweight gearbox that are engineered to deliver up to 1000 hrs of cutting performance. This innovative combination ensures a lightweight yet powerful design, maximizing efficiency and extending runtime. 

24" Dual-Sided Laser-Cut Steel Blades

Commercial-Grade Steel Blades: our heat treated, rust resistant, laser-cut steel blades guarantee unmatched sharpness and longevity.

With a 1.2” cutting capacity, the HT241 will allow you to trim a wider range of hedges and branches.  .

Rapid Blade Replacement: is a unique design to facilitate and accelerate the replacement of blades Blades can be replaced in as little as 10 minutes.

Balanced And Lightweight Design

With even weight distribution, whether you're tackling extensive trimming projects or working for extended periods, the Greenworks Commercial hedge trimmer provides a comfortable experience, while powering through the toughest trimming applications. 

The HT241 weighs 7.9lbs tool only and 11.1lbs with the recommended 2.5ah battery inserted.

2.5x the Runtime of Gas Hegde Trimmers

With even weight distribution, whether you're tackling extensive trimming projects or working for extended periods, our hedge trimmer guarantees a comfortable experience, empowering you to achieve exceptional results with ease.


No gas, no oil, no fumes - just pure convenience. Experience a quieter, smoother operation with minimal vibration; minimizing vibration to an exceptional 3 m/s², much lower than gas equivalent models at 5 m/s².No gas, no oil, no fumes - just pure convenience. 

Durable Construction For Reliable Performance

Our hedge trimmer was designed with a commercial-grade magnesium alloy gearbox, ensuring durability and consistent performance even in the toughest conditions.  Built to withstand heavy rain, this hedge trimmer carries a water resistance rating of  IPX5 ensuring longevity and peace of mind.

Ultimate Control with Versatile Handles

The full wrap-around front handle ensures a secure and grip for a wider range of applications. 

A 5-position 180° rotating rear handle provides comfortable orientation of the hedge trimmer  for less strain on arms and hands.

Intuitive Control Panel​

Adjustable Speed 

Choose between High Speed, with a 5000 SPM, for swift and efficient trimming, or opt for Low Speed at 4000 SPM for delicate precision work.

Smart Anti-Jamming Technology 

This hedge trimmer features a convenient anti-jam feature to easily unlock itself from a jam.  

On-Board Warning Indicator

Instant alerts for possible issues

Instant Quick Start Convenience

Hassle-free starting — no cords, no gas, no emissions.

Low Maintenance Operation

Greatly reduce intensive maintenance work and save both money and time vs. traditional gas powered hedge trimmers. 

Maintenance for the 82v battery powered 24” hedge trimmer is limited to gearbox lubrication and blade replacement.

Servicing Made Easy​

Enjoy hassle-free servicing with Greenworks Commercial. Our equipment features removable parts, making repairs straightforward. All spare parts are inventoried in the US providing fast and  easy access to components whenever needed. This means less downtime for you. 


Optimus™ means more maintenance savings.

Optimus™ means more gas savings.

Optimus™ means higher profitability.

For detailed cost savings based on your location, please visit our Savings Calculator

Greenworks Commercial has the widest and deepest product portfolio under its 82v battery platform.

  • A tool for every application
  • Interchange batteries in over 75 different landscaper tools




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