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82V 42" CrossoverZ Ride-On Zero Turn Mower | CRZ548

82V 42" CrossoverZ Ride-On Zero Turn Mower | CRZ548

SKU: SKU 7409502

Ultimate Productivity: Six 5 Ah batteries mow up to 2 acres on a single charge

Better Than Gas™ Performance: Advanced brushless drive motors and blade motors

Premium Comfort: Zero pollution, reduced noise and vibrations offer operator comfort

Work Faster: Ground speeds of 8 MPH, equivalent to 24 HP gas lawn mowers

Ultimate Cut Quality: 17,000 FPM blade tip speed cuts and 13-gauge steel deck

Return on Investment: Low maintenance, 80% fewer moving parts

Fast Charging Times: Industry strongest 75-minute charge time

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Mow Large Properties with Ease

The Greenworks© Pro 42” CrossoverZ Ride-On Zero Turn Mower revolutionizes the maintenance of larger properties with the efficiency and precision of commercial zero turn mowers. This zero-turn mower enables swift maneuverability, allowing users to navigate obstacles effortlessly. Gain powerful performance without the noise, fumes, and maintenance associated with gas-powered alternatives.

When you choose the 42” CrossoverZ Ride-On Zero Turn Mower, you can expect:

  • Unmatched Performance: The brushless drive and blade motors deliver ample power consistent torque, resulting in constant blade tip speeds for tackling diverse lawn conditions.
  • Extended Operation: Mow up to 2 acres on a single charge and recharge batteries in just 75 minutes. Enjoy an extended and efficient mowing experience without frequent interruptions.
  • Versatility: With seven cutting heights and three cutting options, including mulching, bagging (sold separately), and side discharge, tailor to suit varying needs.
  • On-Board Storage: Transport up to 200 pounds of materials or equipment, eliminating the need for users to make additional trips back and forth when maintaining larger properties.


Ultimate Productivity

The 42” CrossoverZ Ride-On Zero Turn Mower redefines productivity with its remarkable capability to mow up to 2 acres on a single charge. This extended battery life allows users to cover expansive properties without the need for frequent recharging. The significant mowing capacity empowers users to accomplish more within a single mowing session, minimizing downtime and optimizing efficiency. Benefit from the freedom to tackle larger areas without the constraints of limited battery life, resulting in a more streamlined and productive mowing experience.

Better Than Gas™ Performance

With advanced brushless drive and blade motors, the 42” CrossoverZ Ride-On Zero Turn Mower surpasses the performance of traditional gas zero turn mowers. The brushless motors deliver a more powerful and precise performance, ensuring consistently high blade tip speeds across various mowing conditions. This not only results in a cleaner and more even cut but also contributes to a quieter and smoother operation compared to gas-powered commercial mowers. The absence of belts or pulleys not only reduces maintenance hassles but also enhances overall efficiency.

Ultimate Cut Quality

Equipped with commercial-grade features such as a heavy-duty 13-gauge steel deck and cutting width of 42 inches, the 42” CrossoverZ Ride-On Zero Turn Mower ensures durability and precision in every pass. The constant 17,000 FPM blade tip speed sets a standard for efficiency, allowing the mower to cut through even the toughest conditions with ease. This exceptional combination of a sturdy deck, wide deck size, and high blade tip speed guarantees a clean and uniform cut and unmatched control even in challenging mowing conditions for superior results every time.

Return on Investment

With its electric, low-maintenance design, the 42” CrossoverZ Ride-On Zero Turn Mower eliminates the need for fuel, oil, belts, or pulleys, resulting in significantly reduced upkeep costs. 80% fewer moving parts minimizes the likelihood of breakdowns and repairs, allowing users to focus more time on mowing and less on addressing engine, deck, or transmission issues. Over 10 years of ownership, you stand to save $3,106 versus using gas models.

Fast Charging Times

The 42” CrossoverZ Ride-On Zero Turn Mower sets a new standard for zero turn mowers with its exceptional battery charging time of just 75 minutes. Rapid charging capability is a game-changer for users, minimizing downtime and ensuring that the mower is ready for action in a remarkably short timeframe. With the fastest charging times in the industry, users can seamlessly integrate mowing tasks into their schedules without lengthy waits for the battery to recharge. This benefit is especially valuable for those managing large properties, as the quick turnaround enables users to tackle extensive lawn areas in a single day.


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