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82V Dual Stage Snow Thrower Tool-Only (82SN24D)

82V Dual Stage Snow Thrower Tool-Only (82SN24D)

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  • All Electric: 82V zero-turn two-stage snow thrower
  • Better Than Gas™ Performance: Throw snow 25% farther than comparable gas blowersUltimate Productivity: Clear up to 24" wide and 20" deep of dense, wet snow
  • Built for Professionals: No manual pushing or pulling and 15”x5” heavy-duty snow tires
  • Battery First Design: Clear up to a 36-car driveway or 750’ of 4' wide walkways on a single charge
  • More Uptime: All Greenworks® Commercial tools run on a single 82V battery
  • Maintenance Free: No fuel, no oil changes, no carburetors, and no summerization
  • Maximum Return on Investment: Recover costs on Day 1 with no fuel or maintenance needed
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Precision Snow Removal

Ditch the gas and embrace the future of commercial snow removal with Greenworks® Commercial's 82V 24" Snow Thrower. This industry-leading electric beast tackles any snowfall with ease, leaving its gas-guzzling counterparts in the dust.

With the 82V 24" Snow Thrower, you can expect:

  • Brushless Motor Muscle: Automatically adjusts for optimal performance in all conditions, blasting snow up to 50 feet further than comparable gas models.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Say goodbye to the disruptive noise of gas engines. This electric snow thrower lets you work early mornings or late nights without disturbing the peace.
  • Effortless Operation: Experience unparalleled control with the ZTS drive system and intuitive power steering.
  • Unmatched Performance: Clear a massive area in one go - a 36-car lot or 767 feet of 4' sidewalk - with a single charge.


All Electric

Tired of being limited by weather conditions? The 82V 24" Snow Thrower cuts through wet, deep snow or light, fluffy powder with effortless ease. Two stage snow blowers combine an auger to break up packed snow and an impeller to efficiently throw it away. No matter the consistency, this machine handles it all. Two robust 8Ah batteries (not included) and a dual port charger (not included) keep you clearing snow all day long. No more waiting for recharges – simply swap batteries and keep conquering.

Better Than Gas™ Performance

Ditch the disruptive roar of gas-powered snow removal. The 82V 24" Snow Thrower's advanced brushless motor throws snow a staggering 50 feet – 25% farther than gas-guzzling competitors. Operate early mornings or late nights without disturbing the peace with the 82SN2D's remarkably quiet operation. Maintain clear communication with your crew and avoid ear fatigue thanks to the significant noise reduction.

Maintenance Free

Say goodbye to the greasy routine of a gas snow blower. This electric beast is designed for business, offering a maintenance-free operation that keeps your crews productive and your bottom line happy. Forget messy oil changes, clogged carburetors, and time-consuming seasonal tune-ups. This electric snow thrower runs clean and requires minimal maintenance, freeing up your crew's time for what matters most – clearing snow. With no gas, oil, or complex parts to worry about, this machine boasts a hassle-free approach to snow removal. Your crew can focus on their jobs, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Maximum Return on Investment

The 82V 24" Snow Thrower is a profit machine. This electric two-stage snow blower starts saving you money the moment you ditch the gas can. Forget budgeting for expensive gasoline and dealing with fluctuating fuel prices. This electric workhorse runs on clean power, eliminating a major ongoing expense for your business. The efficient operation and durable construction of the 82V 24" Snow Thrower translate into significant long-term savings. This isn't just a snow thrower, it's a smart investment that keeps your business profitable season after season.


  • 82v Commercial Handheld tools, battery, and chargers: 2-year limited warranty
  • 82v Consumer/Prosumer lineup: 4-year limited warranty
  • 24/48v warranty: 3-year limited warranty
  • Commercial ZTR Warranty: 5-year or 2,000-hour warranty
  • NEW residential/consumer warranty on our COMMERCIAL ZTRs: 7-year or 700-hour warranty
  • Commercial UTV warranty: 5-year battery warranty, 2-year bumper to bumper warranty
  • Wearable Parts: 60-day warranty

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