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82V 21’’ Brushless Push Mower

82V 21’’ Brushless Push Mower

SKU: SKU 2552202VK

82V 21’’ Brushless Push Mower Tool-Only | (82LM21)

All Electric: 3 kW brushless motor exceeds 160cc gas lawn mowers

SmartCut Technology: 21” deck with dual cutting motors and 17K FPM blade tip speed

Runtime: Up to 75 minutes with (2) 8 Ah batteries 

Coverage: 1.5 Acres on a single charge, batteries charge in as little as 60 minutes

Better Than Gas Performance: 4x quieter, 30% lighter, and less vibration

No Maintenance: 90% fewer parts than gas for fewer repairs and more uptime

With GW 82V 4.0Ah 18650 cell Battery and GW 82V 8A Super Charger - Dual Port

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Quiet Powerhouse Performance

The 82V 21" Brushless Push Mower from Greenworks© Commercial is a cutting-edge electric lawn mower for efficient and eco-friendly commercial lawn care. This high-performance mower is equipped with a powerful brushless motor, delivering optimal cutting power while ensuring a quieter and smoother operation when compared to gas-powered alternatives.

When you purchase the 21" Brushless Push Mower, you can expect the following:

Maintenance-Free Operation: The 21" Brushless Push Mower is designed for hassle-free upkeep, requiring no regular maintenance such as oil changes.

Superior Cutting Performance: The precision-engineered brushless motor ensures powerful and even performance for a clean and professional cut, no matter the conditions.

Easy to Use: Start every job with just a push of a button. Electric lawn mowers eliminate the need for pull cords or complicated starting procedures, making it a breeze to start and stop.

Extended Operation: Mow for up to 75 minutes on a single charge. The 21" Brushless Push Mower is able to cover an area of up to 1.5 acres before requiring a recharge.


All-Electric Operation

The 21" Brushless Push Mower’s brushless motor outclasses traditional 160cc gas engine push mowers, not only by delivering more power but surpassing gas engines in terms of cut quality. It stays at a consistent mower blade speed in varying grass lengths, delivering a powerful and efficient cut even in challenging conditions. Unlike gas mowers that may struggle or slow down in tall or wet grass, the 21" Brushless Push Mower delivers reliable and powerful performance.

SmartCut Technology

SmartCut technology automatically adapts to various mowing conditions, ensuring consistently superior cut quality. The mower dynamically adjusts power output based on the density and height of the grass. Whether you encounter thick patches, varying terrains, or different grass lengths, it intuitively optimizes its performance to deliver an impeccable cut every time. There’s no need to manually tweak settings or worry about uneven results in different areas of a property, saving valuable time and effort for professionals in the field.

Better Than Gas™

Operating at just 60 dB, the 21" Brushless Push Mower creates a more pleasant and less disruptive working environment, making it ideal for residential areas, public spaces, or noise-sensitive locations. It’s 30% lighter than its gas-powered counterparts, easing the physical strain on operators and increasing maneuverability for more agile navigation around landscapes. The savings don’t lie - in just 3 years, you can save as much as $5,251 when you choose the 21" Brushless Push Mower over a gas mower.

No More Maintenance Expenses or Hassle

With 90% fewer parts compared to traditional gas mowers, the 21" Brushless Push Mower requires virtually no maintenance. Focus on work without the interruptions and costs associated with regular maintenance tasks. With fewer parts susceptible to wear and tear, it’s a more reliable and durable solution as fewer repairs are required. Improve your bottom line and eliminate the hassle and downtime associated with maintenance and repairs.



Interested in learning about the warranty for this tool? Please visit our warranty page to learn more