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82V 22" Snow Thrower with 5Ah Battery and Dual Port Charger (82SN22-5DP)

82V 22" Snow Thrower with 5Ah Battery and Dual Port Charger (82SN22-5DP)

SKU: 123 SKU 2612502

82V 22" Snow Blower with 5Ah Battery and Dual Port Charger | (82SN22-5DP) | SKU 2612502

  • All Electric: 82V electric snow blower with 22” clearing width, ergonomic handle, and LED lights
  • Ultimate Productivity: 12.5” clearing depth, discharge up to 30’, and 180-degree rotating chute
  • Better Than Gas™ Performance: Reduced noise and vibration with 80% fewer moving parts
  • Battery First Design: On-demand start and stop and 2 battery ports with manual switchover
  • More Uptime: All Greenworks® Commercial tools run on an 82V battery for interchangeability
  • Maintenance Free: No fuel, no oil changes, no carburetors, and no summerization
  • Maximum Return on Investment: Recover costs on Day 1 with no fuel or maintenance needed
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Compact Powerhouse for Commercial Users

In the demanding winter landscape, the 82V single-stage snow blower by Greenworks® Commercial emerges as a top pick for professionals. Its electric makeup simplifies operation, eliminating recoil starts, cords, and fuel. Efficiently handling both powdery and wet snow, it ensures snow is thrown well clear of your work area, preventing drift back.

Benefits of the 82SN22 include:

Eco-Friendly Design. Ditch the gas and embrace this electric snow blower's eco-efficiency. It's powerful, yet quiet, and kind to the environment.

Effective Snow Removal: With a 22” clearing width and 12.5” depth, it’s made for fast, efficient heavy snow removal. Blow snow up to 30 feet with a 180-degree rotating chute.

Extended Runtime: With two battery ports and a manual switchover, our battery-powered snow blowers ensure continuous operation. More runtime, less downtime.

Easy Maneuverability. Its compact design and precise control make it ideal for tight spaces and challenging terrains. LED lights let you work anytime, anywhere.


All Electric

Switch to the 82V 22-inch single-stage snow blower and experience the convenience of all-electric operation. Ideal for commercial use, it starts instantly with a push of a button, eliminating the hassle of traditional gas engines. The inclusion of a 5Ah battery and a dual port charger ensures you have the power needed for lengthy jobs. This electric snow blower not only simplifies your workflow but also enhances productivity by letting you focus on the task, not the tool.

Ultimate Productivity

The 82SN22 is built for peak efficiency in challenging winter conditions. With a 22-inch clearing width and 12.5-inch clearing depth, it tackles significant snowfall with ease. Its maximum discharge capability of 30 feet and a 180-degree rotating chute offer unparalleled control in snow disposal. The ergonomic handle and high-intensity LED headlights facilitate operation in low light, while easy fold handles ensure convenient storage. This commercial snow blower is your go-to tool for efficient snow management.

More Uptime

Maximize your productivity with the 82V 22-inch single-stage snow blower. It features two battery ports with manual switchover, providing extended runtime and ensuring you can keep working without interruptions. The compatibility with Greenworks® Commercial’s 82V battery means seamless interchangeability with other tools, helping to reduce downtime and keep your operation running smoothly. In commercial settings where time is money, this feature proves to be invaluable.

Maintenance Free

Embrace a maintenance-free experience with this electric snow blower. It eliminates the need for fuel, oil changes, carburetor adjustments, and seasonal maintenance. This not only saves time but also cuts down on operational costs, making it an ideal choice for commercial users who value efficiency and reliability. With the 82SN22, you spend less time on upkeep and more time delivering quality snow-clearing services.

Maximum Return on Investment

The 82SN22 offers a remarkable return on investment right from Day 1. With zero fuel and maintenance costs, you start saving immediately. This electric snow blower not only reduces operational expenses but also offers long-term value through its durable design and efficient performance. This translates to a smarter financial choice, providing both immediate savings and sustained profitability over time.


  • 82v Commercial Handheld tools, battery, and chargers: 2-year limited warranty
  • 82v Consumer/Prosumer lineup: 4-year limited warranty
  • 24/48v warranty: 3-year limited warranty
  • Commercial ZTR Warranty: 5-year or 2,000-hour warranty
  • NEW residential/consumer warranty on our COMMERCIAL ZTRs: 7-year or 700-hour warranty
  • Commercial UTV warranty: 5-year battery warranty, 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • Wearable Parts: 60-day warranty