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OptimusZ 8kW Super Charger (C80SC)

OptimusZ 8kW Super Charger (C80SC)

SKU: SKU 7503302

OptimusZ 8kW Super Charger | SKU 7503302 | (C80SC)

  • Minimize Downtime: Gets OptimusZ mowers back to work faster
  • Maximize Productivity: Quickly charge OptimusZ mowers in just 3 hours
  • Superior Technology: LCD screen provides critical charging information
  • Safety & Longevity: Integrated safeguard for battery system protection.
  • Standard Protections: Built-in protections for user and product safety 
  • Proven Reliability: Designed with professionals in mind
  • Compatibility: 8kW super charger charges all OptimusZ mowers
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Fast & Efficient Charging

The OptimusZ 8kW Super Charger is the ultimate solution for optimizing the performance and productivity of Greenworks© Commercial OptimusZ mowers. With its cutting-edge technology and advanced features, this charger is designed to minimize downtime and maximize productivity, making it the perfect addition to any professional's toolkit.

Say goodbye to waiting around for your mower's battery to charge. The 8kW Super Charger can get your mower back to work faster than any other charger on the market. In just 3 hours, your battery system will be fully charged and ready to power through the toughest of tasks, saving you precious time and allowing you to complete more jobs in a day.


Minimize Downtime

The OptimusZ 8kW Super Charger ensures OptimusZ mowers get back to work faster than any other charger on the market. This unparalleled efficiency translates to increased productivity, allowing commercial users to maximize operational output and maintain a consistently manicured landscape.

Maximize Productivity

This Super Charger replenishes the battery system of OptimusZ mowers in just 3 hours, setting a new standard for efficiency in the industry. By maximizing productivity through quick battery replenishment, commercial users can achieve more in a shorter time frame, ultimately enhancing overall operational efficiency and output.

Standard Built-In Protections

This Super Charger prioritizes user and product safety with a suite of built-in protections. Burnout protection, no-load protection, and short circuit protection are seamlessly integrated, ensuring the charger operates under safe conditions at all times. Automatic shutdown activates upon reaching full charge, preventing overcharging and adding an extra layer of safety for both users and the OptimusZ mower's battery system.

Proven Reliability

Engineered with professionals in mind, the OptimusZ 8kW Super Charger boasts proven reliability. The charging shell, shaped by integrated die casting and joined with temperature-resistant glue, ensures durability even in challenging conditions. The active cooling fan, designed with a potting structure, extends the charger’s lifespan.


The OptimusZ 8kW Super Charger is universally compatible with all Greenworks OptimusZ mower models. This versatility offers commercial users the convenience of a standardized charging solution, eliminating the need for multiple chargers for different mower models within their fleet.



Charge Rate (A) AC 240V 31A (7.7kW)
Max Output Voltage 86.4V
Outout Current DC 80A
Rated Input Current 32.0 A
Rated Input Power 7.7 kVA
Charge Time 24kWh Within 3hrs


Length (in.) 28.78"
Width (in.) 18.74"
Height (in.) 18.74"
Tool Weight 88lbs


  • 82v Commercial Handheld tools, battery, and chargers: 2-year limited warranty
  • 82v Consumer/Prosumer lineup: 4-year limited warranty
  • 24/48v warranty: 3-year limited warranty
  • Commercial ZTR Warranty: 5-year or 2,000-hour warranty
  • NEW residential/consumer warranty on our COMMERCIAL ZTRs: 7-year or 700-hour warranty
  • Commercial UTV warranty: 5-year battery warranty, 2-year bumper to bumper warranty
  • Wearable Parts: 60-day warranty

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