With mowers and outdoor power equipment tools designed specifically for commercial applications, your business can achieve better results. 

Greenworks® Commercial has built the ultimate user experience for professional contractors. From superior usability and comfort to improved performance, we’re here to streamline your workday.

Our powerful and intuitive products empower professional commercial landscapers to operate as efficiently and comfortably as possible. Meaning you and your crew can get more work done, in less time, without additional stress.


Our 82V Optimus™ battery module is at the heart of our power-packed equipment lineup. It's more than just a battery; it's the key to maximum electric power. With up to a full 8-hour lifespan, landscapers can mow up to 21 acres on a single charge, eliminating the need for frequent recharging.

This is power you can rely on in all conditions—it optimizes energy efficiency, extending your runtime and providing an unmatched operator experience. Additionally, our cohesive design for the 82V commercial platform means you can use the same batteries across all our products, ensuring a seamless, sustainable power source for your entire fleet.

But what about downtime for charging? 

Greenworks® Commercial has you covered with exceptional charging times, a wide range of charging solutions, and a single battery design that powers all blowers, trimmers, and other handheld tools. Never worry about range anxiety and downtime.



Thanks to advanced brushless motor technology, our equipment is designed to reduce vibrations and resistance. This means your jobs get done with unparalleled precision and comfort, allowing operators to consistently deliver top-notch results on a single charge and reducing the common strains and stresses of conventional internal combustion engine powered mowers. 

Our Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) systems are the most intelligent on the market. They constantly manage, read, and respond to user inputs and changing conditions thousands of times per split second. 

When you choose Greenworks® Commercial, you can embrace the future of efficient mowing, ensuring your landscaping operations are as productive as possible.


With 80% fewer moving parts, say goodbye to the persistent maintenance and repairs that drain your resources and dent your bottom line.

With Greenworks® Commercial, you'll spend less time on repairs and maintenance and more time delivering superior service. The reliability and efficiency of our equipment ensure that landscaping crews remain productive day in and day out, unburdened by the costly interruptions associated with traditional gas-powered machinery.


A comfortable and healthy work environment is crucial for landscapers, and is too often overlooked. Greenworks® Commercial prioritizes the well-being of your team with our electric equipment, and factors user feedback directly into our designs.

  • No Fumes: Our equipment is 100% electric, ensuring operators don’t breathe in toxic fumes or go home smelling like gas.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution: Our turf equipment and handheld tools are engineered to produce minimal noise, allowing operators to maintain focus during their workday and appease noise ordinances.
  • Zero Vibration Fatigue: Our tools greatly reduce vibration compared to conventional turf equipment, dramatically reducing user fatigue stemming from rattling deck delts, spindles, and other vibrating machinery.
  • Superior Control: Our equipment features intuitive controls, ensuring operators never have to take their hands off the handles, providing superior agility and responsiveness.
  • Lightweight and Agile: Without awkward and heavy gas-powered tools, jobs can be completed more efficiently without straining the operator.
  • Ergonomic Design: Greenworks® Commercial products are thoughtfully designed to maintain performance and maximize comfort on any terrain, reducing user fatigue and elevating the overall experience.