Many landscape equipment dealers are hesitant to embrace electric commercial equipment and tools in their showrooms. For many brands of zero turn mowers, UTVs and handheld equipment, electrification comes with a steep price tag and unproven designs. 

Rushing into the market with high-priced electric solutions is often the result of dependence on third-party suppliers and retrofitting outdated designs with electric power. 

What if a brand designed with a new vision and a true commitment to electric power?

That's where Greenworks® Commercial takes the stage.

For over two decades, we've been at the forefront of innovation in the landscaping industry. Our focus has always been on pushing the boundaries of what electrified landscaping products can achieve. 

The culmination of listening to our dealers, landscape professionals, and never settling for good enough is:



From day one, Greenworks® Commercial’s unwavering commitment to build the best commercial turf equipment has lead to customer focused innovations:

  • 82V Lithium-Ion Power: Delivering an impressive 65 HP gas-equivalent performance, our 82V Lithium-Ion battery interchangeably powers more than 80 commercial tools.
  • PowrTraq Smart Drive System™: Offering speeds up to 16 MPH and a low center of gravity for operating on slopes of up to 15°, zero turn riding mowers and stand-on mowers accelerate beyond gas.
  • 24kWh LFP Cell Technology: Providing a robust 8 hours of all-day power, capable of covering 21 acres of mowing.
  • Longest Electric ZTR Runtime: Coupled with intelligent power solutions, we help your customers stay charged longer, recharge faster, and empower your showroom as a profit center for electricity.
  • 4G GPS Connectivity: Keep your technicians connected with your customers more than ever before. Capture essential data on location, charge, performance, maintenance schedules, and more to reduce emergency repairs and turn battery and equipment maintenance into a robust revenue generator.



Equip your sales team with key selling points to move the conversation from Why Electric to When

  • Constant Smart Cutting System™: Ensuring a constant 19,000 FPM blade tip speed for superior cut quality.
  • Less Vibration: Operator-focused engineering enhances usability and efficiency.
  • Fume-Free Operation: Creating a more comfortable working environment, owners and operators alike notice the immediate benefit of a cleaner work environment.
  • Intuitive Controls: Allowing for uninterrupted handling, agility, and quick response. Ergonomic comfort ensures all-day ease of operation.
  • Noise Reduction: After countless demonstrations, nearly every operator notices the stark difference in operating noise. Less dependence on ear protection and more comfort is a key selling advantage.



We don’t rely on outside vendors for any conventional parts and craft 80% of components in-house. 

  • Supply Chain: No more wrestling with supply chain issues and price inflations.
  • Lower Price Points: Streamlined predictability enables you to focus on building up your business instead of making excuses for higher prices.
  • Return on Investment: With a dedicated representative, you have direct access to planning your selling strategy and improving your profit margins.


With Greenworks® Commercial as your partner, you'll not only capture a larger share of the local market but also meet the demands of the next generation of professional landscapers. Position your dealership as the go-to destination for reliable and cutting-edge power tools.


Integrating electrified landscaping solutions into your business becomes a seamless journey when you partner with Greenworks® Commercial. Our state-of-the-art electric landscaping product line sets the industry's gold standard, empowering you to usher in a greener, more efficient, and cost-effective era of business.

Charging Solutions Open the Door to New Verticals

Elevate your dealership by supplying cutting-edge charging solutions, transforming battery and electric equipment into a lucrative profit center.

Range anxiety is a major reason when professional contractors hesitate to convert to electric commercial equipment. Our extensive range of transition strategies is centered around the deployment of top-tier charging infrastructure, including comprehensive trailer charging systems, on-site charging solutions, and a host of other innovative offerings.

Establish your showroom and staff as innovators with the knowledge to keep contractors running from dawn to dusk.


Enhanced Longevity and Powerful Performance

Our cutting-edge 82V lithium-ion batteries and innovative charging solutions eliminate concerns about power limitations. With uninterrupted power that lasts all day, your customers can tackle any landscaping task with unwavering confidence and vigor.

The proof is in the turf including power, comfort, and unparalleled precision. With our support, you can schedule demos that convert even the most skeptical pros.


Simplified Maintenance

One of the most stressful aspects of managing gas-powered equipment is the demanding maintenance regimen. With Greenworks® Commercial, there are no more oil changes or complicated upkeep procedures. Operators can focus solely on the task at hand, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced downtime.

Noise and Emission Reduction

Our 82V single batteries provide an extended range and ensure quieter operation, allowing teams to work smoothly in any environment without the frustration and costly downtime associated with frequent interruptions.

By emitting fewer fumes and reducing noise pollution, Greenworks® Commercial's equipment not only makes work sites healthier for everyone but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability. 

As an added bonus, our products completely eliminate variable fuel costs, providing your customers with a stable and economical alternative that boosts their bottom line. 


Efficiency and Ergonomics

The reliability and efficiency of our equipment ensure that landscaping crews remain productive, unburdened by the costly interruptions associated with traditional gas-powered machinery.

Our equipment is designed with ergonomic excellence in mind. Operators feel the difference with comfortable handling and clear operator displays that reduce stress and increase confidence.

We take direct feedback from landscapers and dealers to ensure that all of our products are built with the end-user in mind, making us the most user-friendly option on the market.