2024 Greenworks Commercial Service and new product meeting

Morristown Landing 4355 Durham Lndg Morristown, TN

Hotel covered by Greenworks

Breakfast on your own at your hotel, lunch and dinner provided by Greenworks

School 1: January 8-10 or Both Schools 1 & 2: January 8-12

School 1: January 15-17 or Both Schools: 1 & 2 January 15-19

Choose to attend School 1 or Both Schools 1 & 2

Registration Closed

Service Training SChedule

Day 1 (Monday, January 8th or January 15th):

12pm Introduction and New Product Preview, 3pm Sales Training Presentation, 4pm Factory Tour, 6pm Dinner and Presentations

Day 2 (Tuesday, January 9th or January 16th) – Bus transportation at 7:30am

8AM to 5PM, lunch 12 to 1PM (Breakfast at hotel)

Day 3: (Wednesday, January 10th or January 17th) - Bus transportation at 6:30AM

Start at 7AM, offer boxed breakfast at Morristown Landing, end at 3PM. Short boxed lunch

Day 4: (Thursday, January 11th or January 18th) – Bus Transportation at 7:30am

8AM to 5PM, lunch 12 to 1PM (Breakfast at hotel)

Day 5: (Friday, January 12th or January 19th) - Guests check out and bring luggage to Morristown Landing, bus transportation at 7:30AM

Summary, Q&A, other topics

Service Training Agenda

  • - Commercial Zero Turn Mowers
  • - UTVs
  • - Residential Zero Turn Mowers and Tractors
  • - Handheld Equipment
  • - Dealer Portal/ A3S/ Warranty Claim Process

Come and learn about these critical areas of interest for your Greenworks Commercial wheeled products:

  • - High Voltage Electrical
  • - Battery & Charging
  • - Electrical System Circuit Diagram and Wire Harness Diagram
  • - Main Components
  • - Common Fault Code Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • - CAN Tools Usage and Diagnostics
  • - Controller Program Flash Tools

Learn about the Greenworks Commercial promotional and marketing plan for 2024!