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82V Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower Tool-Only (82SN22)

82V Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower Tool-Only (82SN22)

SKU: 123 SKU 2607602

82V Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower Tool-Only | SKU 2612502 | 82SN22

  • All Electric: 22” clearing width, ergonomic handle, and LED lights
  • Ultimate Productivity: 12.5” clearing depth, discharge up to 30’, and 180-degree rotating chute
  • Better Than Gas™ Performance: Reduced noise and vibration with 80% fewer moving parts
  • Battery First Design: On-demand start and stop, 2 battery ports with manual switchover
  • More Uptime: All Greenworks® Commercial tools run on an 82V battery for interchangeability
  • Maintenance Free: No fuel, no oil changes, no carburetors, and no summerization
  • Maximum Return on Investment: Recover costs on Day 1 with no fuel or maintenance
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Conquer Winter with Ease

Master the toughest snowfalls with the 82V Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower by Greenworks® Commercial. This electric beast cuts through the competition, offering a simpler, more user-friendly experience. This innovative snow blower ignites with a single push, empowering you to focus on clearing snow, not wrestling with your equipment.

  • Unleash Clean Power for Any Snowfall: Tackle both powdery and heavy snow with ease. Its 22-inch clearing width and 12.5-inch intake depth chew through snowdrifts, leaving your walkways and work areas spotless. A powerful auger propels snow up to 30 feet away, preventing unwanted pile-up near your property.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: The dual-battery design with a manual switchover ensures continuous operation. The compact design and intuitive controls allow for effortless maneuvering.
  • Dominate Day or Night: Don't let fading light slow you down. Integrated LED headlights illuminate your workspace, allowing you to clear snow effectively at any hour.
  • Embrace a Greener Winter: The 82V Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower is an eco-conscious choice, delivering exceptional power without harming the environment.


All Electric

Built for commercial muscle, the 82V Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower throws a punch with a long-lasting 5Ah battery (sold separately) for continuous operation. No more waiting around for recharges - just swap batteries and keep the snow at bay. This innovative tool streamlines your workflow, maximizing productivity by letting you focus on clearing paths, not maintaining snow blowers.

Ultimate Productivity

Don't let heavy snowfall slow your operations down. The 82V Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower cuts through winter's wrath with a ruthless efficiency. Its 22-inch width devours snowdrifts up to 12.5 inches deep, leaving the driveway, walkways, and work areas clear and hazard-free. This snow thrower hurls snow up to 30 feet away, eliminating the need for constant pile relocation. The 180-degree rotating chute grants you ultimate control over snow disposal, letting you direct the snow exactly where you want it. When the day darkens, integrated LED headlights keep your workspace brightly lit, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Ergonomic handles minimize strain and fatigue, allowing you to work longer with less discomfort.

Better Than Gas™ Performance

This electric snow thrower operates at a whisper-quiet level, ensuring you comply with noise ordinances in noise-sensitive areas. No more battling headaches from engine racket – focus on the job at hand without the auditory assault. This electric marvel boasts a minimalist design with 80% fewer moving parts compared to gas-snow throwers. The result? Significantly less wear and tear, translating to fewer maintenance headaches and lower repair costs. This translates to a workhorse that keeps running smoothly season after season, a critical factor for busy professionals who prioritize efficiency and reliability.

Battery First Design

Forget the days of tangled cords, sputtering engines, and wrestling with fuel cans for gas show blowers. The 82V Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower ushers in a new era of snow removal with its innovative battery-centric design. These electric snow blowers throw away the hassles of gas-powered snow blowers, giving you the freedom to conquer winter with on-demand control. the 82V Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower ignites with a simple button push, eliminating the need for frustrating pull starts and gas station trips. Focus on clearing snow, not prepping your equipment.

More Uptime

Forget downtime and embrace continuous snow removal with the 82V Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower. This powerhouse boasts a revolutionary dual-battery system with a manual switchover. This snow blower is compatible with the entire 82V battery platform. Need to clear snow and then trim hedges? No problem. Simply pop the same battery from the snow blower into your trimmer and keep working. This seamless interchangeability eliminates the need for multiple chargers and batteries, streamlining your operation and saving you precious time.

Maintenance Free

This electric snow thrower throws out the hassles of gas-powered models, ushering in an era of maintenance-free snow removal. Say goodbye to fiddling with carburetors, hunting for oil changes, and the seasonal maintenance routines that gobble up your time. Forget wasting precious hours tinkering with your equipment – this electric snow thrower keeps on running season after season, minimizing downtime and maximizing your earning potential. Focus on delivering exceptional snow-clearing services, not wrestling with a finicky gas engine.

Maximum ROI

Slash your winter operation costs and watch your profits pile up with the 82V Brushless 22" Dual Port Snow Thrower. Unlike gas-guzzling models, this electric workhorse eliminates fuel expenses from day one. It boasts a simple, electric design with far fewer moving parts compared to traditional blowers. The result? Significantly less wear and tear, translating to fewer repairs and a longer lifespan for the machine. This translates to sustained savings throughout the years of ownership.


  • 82v Commercial Handheld tools, battery, and chargers: 2-year limited warranty
  • 82v Consumer/Prosumer lineup: 4-year limited warranty
  • 24/48v warranty: 3-year limited warranty
  • Commercial ZTR Warranty: 5-year or 2,000-hour warranty
  • NEW residential/consumer warranty on our COMMERCIAL ZTRs: 7-year or 700-hour warranty
  • Commercial UTV warranty: 5-year battery warranty, 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • Wearable Parts: 60-day warranty