Landscaping is All About Productivity

Landscaping is All About Productivity

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Are electric lawnmowers good for commercial use? 

Can electric equipment hold up against the rigors of commercial landscaping?

Commercial landscape equipment including zero-turn mowers, stand-on mowers, backpack blowers, trimmers, and more must hold up in the toughest conditions from wet turf and uneven surfaces to thick grass and heavy leaves. 

There are many naysayers when using electric equipment for commercial landscaping. But Greenworks® Commercial is here to prove them all wrong. Not only does our equipment outperform gas competitors, but it also sets a new standard for productivity in the commercial landscaping industry. Here's how.

How Electric Mowers Are Revolutionizing Commercial Lawn Equipment

Usher in a new era of productivity in commercial landscaping with Greenworks® Commercial's revolutionary electric landscaping equipment.

Efficient and Quiet Operation

Before we examine the clear benefits of electric commercial mowers, let’s consider the stress on operators. Landscaping is hard work. Why should your equipment add to the strain? 

One of the key considerations in evaluating the value of electric landscaping equipment is productivity, and Greenworks® Commercial excels in this regard. Our electric machines not only get the job done efficiently but also operate quietly, allowing your crew to maintain noise compliance and significantly improving the working experience for operators. 

This feature enables your teams to work extended hours without concerns about excessive noise, resulting in increased daily operations, meaning you can do more with less.

With up to 80% fewer moving parts including no belts and no pulleys, Greenworks® Commercial mowers and handheld equipment greatly reduce vibration. That familiar shaking and rattling strain your operators are nearly eliminated. That means fresher and healthier crews.

82V Lithium-Ion Batteries

Let’s dig into the real power of Greenworks® Commercial equipment. Our turf implements and tools are powered by state-of-the-art 82V Lithium-Ion batteries that deliver the equivalent power of up to a 65 HP gas engine. 

Greenworks® Commercial isn’t retrofitting electric mowers onto outdated and poorly designed zero turns. We’ve designed from the ground up to outperform all rivals.

Electric first design turbocharges your equipment, making tasks faster and more efficient. Your team gets the power they need to tackle landscaping challenges quickly and with less effort.

PowrTraq Smart Drive System™

Electric mowers are not bridled by electric PTOs and hydrostatic transmissions. Our PowrTraq Smart Drive System™ is designed on the outside of the frame. This lowers the center of gravity, distributes weight more evenly, and results in ground speeds of up to 16 MPH and the ability to operate on steeper slopes.

Our equipment is designed to conquer challenging terrains with ease. This ensures that your team can handle even the toughest landscapes, increasing overall efficiency.

Longest Running ZTR in the Industry

What’s your biggest doubt when it comes to electric commercial zero-turns?

Range anxiety is a term that extends beyond electric vehicles into turf equipment and professional tools. Professionals cannot risk downtime and hours waiting for batteries to recharge.

What if your electric ZTRs were built to run for up to full 8 hours on a single charge?

And what if all of your handheld equipment and tools were powered by a single battery?

Now, what if a manufacturer listened to professionals and included mobile charging solutions, including rapid chargers for charging on the go?

Greenworks® Commercial is designed with pros in mind. Our zero-turn mowers redefine efficiency with up to 8 hours of runtime, covering up to 21 acres on a single charge. This extended battery life allows your team to get more done in a day, minimizing downtime for recharging.

No more fuel containers. No more mixing two-stroke blends. No more oil stains. No more fumes. And no more downtime at the gas station hoping the fuel prices haven’t spiked overnight. 

Seamless Maintenance

With 80% fewer moving parts compared to conventional gas-powered equipment, our tools are easier to maintain, repair, and replace. 

Imagine never needing to do another oil change. 

The thousands of dollars you spend each year just preventing your gas engines from locking up? Eliminated.

All those hours spent replacing spindles and chasing down the right bolt to fix the latest deck repair? Done.

Maintenance is one of the largest costs for commercial mowers. Electric professional mowers and handheld equipment from Greenworks® Commercial reduce maintenance to a fraction of conventional gasoline and diesel brands.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Precision and Comfort

At the heart of Greenworks® Commercial's electric landscaping equipment is advanced brushless motor technology. Specifically designed to reduce vibrations and resistance, this innovative motor technology ensures that your landscaping tasks are executed with unparalleled precision and comfort. 

By minimizing vibrations and operational resistance, our equipment delivers top-notch results while significantly reducing the physical strains often associated with conventional mowers.

The cockpit of our OptimusZ ride-on and stand-on zero-turn mowers is designed to improve operator comfort. While reducing noise, and vibration, and eliminating breathable emissions are all incredibly important, our designers and engineers always go beyond the ordinary.

Suspension seats, comfort grips, and brightly lit displays keep you focused on performance instead of adjusting cables and bouncing across the turf.

Smart Technology for Challenging Commercial Terrains

Greenworks® Commercial's smart technology is designed to overcome even the toughest terrain, whether it's tall, thick, or wet grass. 

Our 19K Constant Smart Cutting System™ is a testament to this innovation, delivering a consistent 19,000FPM blade tip speed. Your operators won’t need to adjust ground speed or shorten cutting swaths because the system senses environmental changes and adjusts power on the move.

This intelligent system ensures reliability, reduces breakdowns, and guarantees more uptime for your landscaping crew. With this cutting-edge technology, your team can confidently tackle challenging landscapes, completing more work in a day with consistent, high-quality results.

Greenworks® Commercial: Electric Equipment to Power Your Future Success


Make the smart choice for your commercial landscaping operations—choose Greenworks® Commercial for electric landscaping equipment that meets and exceeds the demands of the modern landscaping industry. Experience the perfect blend of precision, comfort, and productivity with our advanced technology.

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