Greenworks® Commercial is a Driving Force

Greenworks® Commercial leads in electric landscaping equipment, setting industry standards with innovation, quality, and sustainability.
Greenworks® Commercial is a Driving Force

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Setting the Standard for Commercial Electric Landscaping Equipment

At Greenworks® Commercial we believe that transformational change happens through true innovation. For over 20 years, we've been pushing the boundaries of electric landscaping technology. 

Since the inception of our business, progress has been our guiding light. Now Greenworks® Commercial is transforming how commercial equipment dealers and turf management professionals get work done! 

The future of commercial turf equipment is electric. 

And the future is today! 

With 200+ quality engineers, relentless use testing processes, a team of 750 R&D engineers, and over 1000 patents, we've reached significant milestones time and time again.

Here's a taste of what we've accomplished:

  • The fastest electric mowers on the market, operating with the equivalent power of a 65 HP gas
  • The industry's longest running ZTR, with up to 8 hours of runtime and up to 21 acres of mowing
  • Advanced CAN bus control system empowers you to navigate any terrain
  • 82V Optimus™ battery modules provide all-day power
  • PowrTraq Smart Drive System™ for optimal traction control, power, and responsiveness
  • Constant Smart Cutting System™ and constant 19K FPM for superior cutting
  • Unprecedented 16 MPH maximum drive speed
  • Our intelligent Fleet Connect App™ provides direct insights into your fleet's performance so you can make informed management decisions based on real-time data.

But we've only just begun. At Greenworks® Commercial, we're committed to constant improvement and our future-forward mentality enables us to influence positive change in an evolving landscaping industry.

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Going Beyond Electric Commercial Mowers: Our Comprehensive Electric Landscaping Equipment Line Up

Dealers and professionals love how Greenworks® Commercial focuses on the needs of pros: quality, durability, productivity, and comfort.

From zero turn electric commercial mowers to hedge trimmers, we provide seamless compatibility. Our expansive range of over 80 tools all powered by a single battery platform.

Our complete electric landscaping solution is the most comprehensive on the market. Greenworks® Commercial makes it simple to make the switch from gas to electric.

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Simplicity is Our Core Motivation

One of the major hurdles of adopting green mowers and other electric equipment is complexity. Many electric landscaping solutions on the market require frequent battery changes, lack effective charging solutions, and are difficult for operators to use.

Greenworks® Commercial has made it our mission to create electric equipment that works for you. Here's how:

  • Vertically Integrated: 80% of components for our products are created in-house. Enabling us to streamline servicing and cut down on maintenance costs. From our batteries to our chargers, motors, controllers, and more, we're in control of every step of the design and production process
  • Seamless Battery Powered Connectivity: Our single battery platform features lithium-ion batteries compatible with all of our products, making it easy for landscapers to power their day on a single charge.
  • Easy Charging: All of our solutions provide convenient and reliable rapid charging to safely use on and off the field.
  • Best User Experience: Our products eliminate the hassles of gas powered mowers and non-electric turf equipment. With Greenworks® Commercial, operators can say goodbye to toxic fumes, emissions, heavy vibrations, and excessive noise. Plus, our ergonomic designs are intuitive, lightweight, agile, and built using feedback from field operators to ensure maximum comfort.


Zero Emission Equipment for Effortless Sustainability

The days of gas powered turf equipment are numbered, that is an indisputable fact. According to reports from the California Air Resources Board, "the small gasoline engines found in lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and other power equipment pollute at a higher rate than other equipment and vehicles."

As zero emissions initiatives progress throughout the US, engine exhaust emissions will become increasingly regulated. Although many landscapers have been understandably hesitant to adopt expensive electric solutions that often fail to accommodate their needs—but we’re here to change all of that.

Greenworks® Commercial’s mission is to help landscapers prepare for the inevitable and easily embrace an electric future. Our practical all-in electric solution delivers:

  • Efficient 82V power
  • Seamless compatibility
  • Fast charging
  • Reduced user fatigue
  • Intuitive operation for easy adoption

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We Design With Professional Landscapers in Mind

At Greenworks® Commercial, we relentlessly focus on our customers. Our products are not just eco friendly, they're operator friendly. Other electric lawn mower brands offer solutions with a limited range, less power, and at a premium price to top it all off. We are constantly improving our solutions based on direct feedback we receive from operators and our dedicated dealers.

Ultimately, we're here to set the standard for the electric turf equipment and commercial mower experience.

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Greenworks® Commercial: Powering Progress for a More Productive Future

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