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We and our partners may use information about your visit to this and other websites. The information could include pages you visit, the items you view or place in your shopping cart, or your responses to our ads and emails. This information allows us to make the Greenworks Tools ads you see more relevant to you. This is referred to as interest-based advertising. For example, if you recently looked at battery-powered tools online, you may be more likely to see an advertisement regarding Greenworks Tools battery-powered tools. For this purpose, we have selected partners who are members of self-regulatory associations such as, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).


To enable you to opt-out of interest-based advertising delivered by partners working with us, or to customize your experience on our websites, please visit our Manage Cookies webpage to opt out. If you opt-out, you may still see our ads on our websites and other websites, but those ads will not be customized to you by us or our partners.


We will continue to customize your experience on our websites via our use of cookies. For more information on how we use cookies and how to manage your cookie settings via your browser, please visit our Privacy Policy.


Please note that if you clear your cookies, or if you use a different browser or device, you may need to reset your opt-out selections.


     You may learn more about interest-based advertising by visiting these links:

     Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) –

     Digital Advertising Alliance Canada (DAAC) –

     European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) -


The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) has created guidance for online advertisers and provided a mechanism for such advertisers to comply with users' choices regarding interest based ads. To learn more about ad networks, including how to opt-out of interest-based ads, click here.


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